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  • She sells sanctuary - the cult

  • [Solved] [R&B]
  • Sisters are doing it for themselves (Eurythmics)

  • Europeans, what is your favorite European capital?
  • I live in Paris, I have been to London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Athens and Rome.

    My two favourites are Berlin and Rome. Berlin because of the energy and just plain coolness, Rome because where else can you find so much amazing art and architecture within 10 or 20 minutes of each other, walking distance? And the food is amazing, of course.

    Second in line are Amsterdam, Athens and London, all of them great, but London I found was really expensive. Athens is a bit behind Rome, but a truly lovely place to explore. Amsterdam is also lovely, accessible and very very beautiful.

    Brussels is OK, I guess, but mainly for the people who I thought were very kind. Some places in Brussels are ok, but it's not as nice as Amsterdam for example.

    Next in line for me are Madrid and Lisbon, I love Spain already and I can recommend places like Granada and Sevilla, which are totally amazing.

  • Question: How does one open source their stuff?
  • If it's several python modules, then yes, choose a license and then contact pypi and see if you can distribute your modules through them.

    One very important thing is that you have to make sure everything is ready for distribution: check your project will work (possibly starting with a blank VM), what its dependencies are, that the requirements.txt file is good and operational, that automated tests are available for people to run after installing, etc.

    In other words, the ideal project is not just a question of license but also all the scaffoldings you supply with it.

    Thanks for opening your code!

  • Turbolover buy Judas Priest
  • Life in the fast lane

  • Hardware, Richard Stanley (1990)
  • With a short cameo by none other than Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame!

  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  • Either "She's got Bette Davis eyes" or "Lady in red"

  • Scandroid - Phoenix
  • Phoenix - The Cult

  • Beautiful Things by Benson Boone
  • The arms of Orion - Prince

  • Does the system become infected?
  • OK, I agree it could be something more malicious, and that the safest solution is always to bin something unknown.

    My position is that the op knows the USB device and suspects it has been compromised by connecting it to a windows machine. But the content may be worth salvaging. In that case, my advice still applies.

  • Does the system become infected?
  • Quick answer: no.

    Longer answer: if a USB key is inserted but not mounted (as you mentioned) the system does not interact with it in any way, except to log that something has been inserted, so there is no way Linux will be infected.

    Longer longer answer: if you insert a USB key, then mount it (for instance read only) the system will no interact or execute anything on the key unless you specifically start a program that is on the key. So it will not be infected either.

    Since most viruses and malware are for Windows, you can therefore mount a USB key and start an antivirus program to clean your malware without risking the integrity of your system.

  • Secure distro for daily use
  • We are talking about programming, studying, surfing the web and average computer usage. OpenBSD is more than enough for all that.

  • Secure distro for daily use
  • OpenBSD.


    Sure, you can harden Linux to the same level of security. But OpenBSD comes with all the goodies installed out of the box.

  • I am looking for an RSS app
  • Liferea does the job and worries pretty well.