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'People got betrayed': Cardi B says she's not voting in the presidential election
  • easy to not vote with "fuck you money", if your own inaction fucks up, you can just leave

  • The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
  • Why would you punish high apm? Thats punishing people for being better.

    If you free up actions, good players will use the free space for other options.

    If it only taked 50% skill to defend an expandion, people will double expand or expand and attack at the same time.

  • The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
  • I feel like people dont understand, that the RT part in rts will always be the important part.

    If you free up macro work, people will micro harder. WC3 got rid of most of the macro demand of SC and in consequence you will lose if you dont micro your units ik battle.

    SC1 had build pipe lines and it wad still better to issue commands seperatley, because the player is more flexible.

    A strategy is worthless if it csn be executed and the limits of execution create strategy.

    Extraordinary pathing and all-select created the a-click deathball, that is one of the most boring ways to see, play and lose to.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • KDEConnect - I use it on Windows and android phone. Very nice when you get security codes or links on phone, want to send files or when I want to control audio|video and I watch from the couch.

    in general: Fdroid nearly always has a more feature rich and performant alternative

  • Marvels Rivals requires creators to sign a contract that removes your right to give a negative review in order to access the playtest
  • Just black list people like a normal company - whoever i suspect they did this to revoke access during EA.

  • Eurovision has become an ugly mess
  • noo, windows95man :(

  • Bekommen Ärzten in Deutschland Prämien / Geschenke, wenn sie Medikamente einer bestimmten Firma nutzen?
  • Offiziell: Nein - Das Geld geht von der Krankenkasse oder Patienten zum Medikamentenhersteller. Der Arzt bekommt Geld für den die Behandlung von der Kasse.

    Faktoren, welche die Verschreibung beeinflussen:

    • Kennt der Arzt das Medikament?
    • Hat der Patient gute oder schlechte Erfahrung mit einer Art von Medikamenten gemacht?
    • Welche Erfahrung hat der Arzt mit der Verschreibung gemacht?

    Was Leute illegal machen ist eine andere Sache, aber die legalste Sache die Hersteller machen ist informieren via:

    • Vertretern, also Leute die zu den Ärzten gehen und die neusten Produkte anpreisen, dass sie existieren oder wie sie wirken.
    • Konferenzen mit Ausstellungen
  • I just love pain
  • and on the other side is game dev, where it is kind of expected to get content before weekend...and the reason they are paid well, right? right? >_>

  • It's time to mentally prepare yourselves for this
  • before i let the people win with "summer time all year", i am ready for the 12h offset in the 24h system

  • Adobe’s ‘Ethical’ Firefly AI Was Trained on Midjourney Images
  • But are they? The amount must be minuscle as searching and selecting costs time. What impact can thoughtful selected images have?

  • UK flooded with forged stamps despite using barcodes — to prevent just that
  • Ay one point Deutsche POST even had a sms-service for stamps. Probably thr easiest way to get a stamp.

  • Elon Musk’s X to stop allowing users to hide their blue checks
  • The blue checkmark became a bad symbole so twitter started to give out blue checkmarks for notable people for free to increase the value of the blue checkmark.

    However, the people started to hide the unwillingly gotten checkmark.

    Now, Twitter stops this.

  • that ain't legal either
  • The design is Moriarty lvls of complex. State actor might be too specific, but everything but a group of people would be highly unlikely.

  • VLC
  • Is he BDfL - beneficial dictator for life?

  • Legal battle erupts: Game developers say you can't sue us for making games too entertaining
  • They don't have to keep a copy. There are even services you can use to verify a user is over a target age without getting the age.

    Second they already have you financial data. We are bot talking about people playing Darkest Dungeon too long. We are talking Fifa.

  • I lowkey hope these stories are fake or it's all the same guy
  • Only Alchemists should be allowed to be more based.

  • Parents offered class photo version with no 'complex needs' pupils
  • Scotland? Was the second picture empty?

  • Greater Manchester man fighting for Vladimir Putin in Ukraine exposed
  • Even some people that experience the "real, existing socialism" can be pro russia....and they had to experience the worst part of it.

    "But we had work back then and funny parades" is a hell of a nostalgia drug.

  • As someone not in tech, I have no idea how to refer to my tech friends' jobs
  • That was a question a c.s. professor asked us.

    Do you percieve yourself as Engineers?

    No student said yes. He argued, that we are ( if we go this way). Using best practice, industrie norms and standards to create a product used by many. And if you are in medicial software, you errors can evem cost lifes - just like a bridge engineer!

    However, Germany has a weird fablr with titles.