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Pizza chefs of Lemmy, is a job as a pizza chef a physically demanding job?
  • I've been a chef for 15 years. This job is BOTH physically and mentally exhausting. Not to mention the rampant drug and alcohol addictions.

    If you really wanna do this, go for it. I suggest you try to find the ritziest place in the area. Pizza places are where I would go for a new plug in a new city.

    Oh, and you aren't gonna get paid.

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • Sometimes, this is the case with my wife and I. We have kind of a fluid relationship. Each of us have things going on in our lives and one of us sometimes can't contribute to the household as much as the other.

    When my wife was in college, I worked a shitload and was the bread winner. Now I'm in college and not working much at all and she is the breadwinner. Our marriage is hardly ever a 50/50, but we both understand this and I'm confident it's one of the main reasons we are so great together.

  • Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  • That's always been my policy. I never used apples so I gave a big 'ol shrug if that's what needed fixing.

    Once I get more comfortable with Linux, I'll be giving the same shrug to windows troubleshooting.

  • Books Papergeist

    Books about presidents

    I'm currently reading the Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It got me thinking that I want to learn more about all the presidents. I saw that Ms. Goodwin has a book about FDR and Lincoln, but have you guys read any good books about presidents?