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That photo of a smiling Secret Service agent is fake: Beware the disinfo around the Trump shooting.
  • I would guess that it’s either right-wing trolls or foreign misinformation bots.

  • Watching videos of people screaming "shooter on the roof" at law enforcement
  • ~~Non-Reddit linked sauce:

    Edit: Jk it won’t work. Edit: here’s the text:

    Local police officer encountered shooter before he fired towards Trump, AP sources say

    BY COLLEEN LONG Share Not long before shots rang out, rally goers noticed a man climbing to the top of a roof of a nearby building and warned local law enforcement, according to two law enforcement officials.

    One officer climbed to the roof and encountered Crooks, who pointed his rifle at the officer. The officer retreated down the ladder and Crooks quickly took a shot toward former President Donald Trump, and that’s when the U.S. Secret Service counter snipers shot him, said the officials who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

  • After Trump assassination attempt, guns will still be allowed near RNC, but tennis balls will not
  • But what if my tennis ball is a gun? Which law overrides the other?

  • After Trump assassination attempt, guns will still be allowed near RNC, but tennis balls will not
  • Which one of you lemmings in Milwaukee gonna go show off your 2nd amendment rights? Leave the tennis balls at home, tho!

  • Watching videos of people screaming "shooter on the roof" at law enforcement
  • The best part is there was a police officer who climbed the roof and saw the shooter, who threatened him with the gun, so he turned around. Trump got shot because of scaredy-cop.

    Edit: The cop possibly made him rush his shot and miss according to source (below). Thanks Blanketswithsmallpox. Apparently when I make a claim that is on a news site, I should put the link or get downvoted. 🤷

  • Republicans Try to Blame Democrats, the Media, CRT for Shooting
  • Looks like it’s dems and “critical race theory” this time, which makes zero sense on all fronts.

  • Republicans Try to Blame Democrats, the Media, CRT for Shooting
  • brain washing half the country with your sick violent rhetoric.”

    Greene in 2021 appeared in a campaign video holding a 50-caliber rifle and promising to “blow away the Democrats’ socialist agenda.” She then fired the rifle at a Toyota Prius with a “socialism” sign on its side. Footage showed the vehicle exploding with the words, “Target destroyed” displayed on screen. The video promoted a giveaway of the rifle “for Americans only.”

    When was the last time a Democrat appeared in a political ad with a firearm? More of the right’s projection and gaslighting.

    I don’t see political ads - do the ones Biden’s running say things like “Trump must be stopped at all costs?” I just worry that the dems will take the bait and turn down their messaging while the right keep the flames burning.

  • That photo of a smiling Secret Service agent is fake: Beware the disinfo around the Trump shooting.
  • Emerson T. Brooking @etbrooking ~20 hours after a seismic event in American history (with a lot of very bad discourse), this is the first real attempt at AI disinformation that I’ve seen.

    Wake-up call for anyone worried that it was deepfakes that were going to radically alter 2024.


    Mike Rothschild (no relation) @rothschildmd · 10h There's a fake version of the Trump photo getting passed around by resistance accounts that claims to show Secret Service agents smiling as they grab Trump. The real photo clearly doesn't show them smiling.

  • Oh boy here we go
  • and posting a crass joke about Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s brain worm and the assassinations that have killed multiple members of his family.

    I don’t know the joke, but I can imagine what it is….

  • Oh boy here we go
  • That hit was so unprofessional, i.e. it missed, that I would sooner believe it was faked than official.

    Unless when Biden called him later, instead of checking up on him, he said, “That one was a warning shot.”

    For real, though, the fact that it was a 20 year old shooter says to me the kid had mental problems or got indoctrinated. You step into that operation assuming you will die, and what 20yo would do that for his government or money for his family?

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • Was it a camera phone video from the crowd? I saw where one guy said they tried to warn the SS because they saw the shooter.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • It was some fast thinking and good political instinct (although bad survival instinct) to make a photo perfect pose while getting escorted out by secret service.

    I’ve heard reporting say that he was informed that the shooter was already taken out by the time he fist-pumped.

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • Reports are coming in that he was a registered republican, but had donated to dems once in the past. He was only 20 so not a lot of political history to go on.

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • I think this poster is saying: “since you believe two wrongs don’t make a right, then when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the correct thing to do in your view would to turn the other cheek.”

  • Connections #399 2024-07-14
  • These are getting getting easier for me to figure out with some practice.

    Puzzle #399
  • With the recent issues of transgender people in sports, why don’t we move some sports over to a weight-class system?

    Obviously this won’t work for all sports, but things like football, track, soccer, it would allow for de-gendered team, even allowing athletes with the skills but not the genetically-endowed physical attributes to have a place to play.

    Note: I know very little about sports and being on a sports team, so please point out anything that doesn’t make sense.


    Four US (Iowa) college instructors injured in ‘brutal’ China stabbing attack | CNN Four US college instructors injured in ‘brutal’ China stabbing attack | CNN

    Four US college instructors who were teaching in China were stabbed while visiting a busy public park on Monday, in a rare case of violent crime against foreigners in the powerful security state.

    Four US college instructors injured in ‘brutal’ China stabbing attack | CNN

    > The educators from Cornell College, a private liberal arts college in Mount Vernon, Iowa, were wounded “in a serious incident” on Monday, while participating in a partnership program with Beihua University in the city of Jilin, in northeastern China, according to the college.


    onion crown

    Drawing of the top half of a possum sitting upright. Upon his head is a crown of wild (green) onions. Text says “[heh]”.


    TIL: Some cephalopods can fly…

    > Some cephalopods are able to fly through the air for distances of up to 50 metres (160 ft). While cephalopods are not particularly aerodynamic, they achieve these impressive ranges by jet-propulsion; water continues to be expelled from the funnel while the organism is in the air. The animals spread their fins and tentacles to form wings and actively control lift force with body posture. One species, Todarodes pacificus, has been observed spreading tentacles in a flat fan shape with a mucus film between the individual tentacles, while another, Sepioteuthis sepioidea, has been observed putting the tentacles in a circular arrangement.



    Why Harry Potter would fight for his high school

    Screenshot says:

    Name scratched out


    Posted 1 hour ago

    Another take on that is that he wasn't going to war for his school at all. That's ignoring the previous comments about it not being about the school at all (which is partly true), but recognizing the validity of that perspective. My point is that even if the war had been about the school itself, that wasn't what Harry was fighting for. He was fighting for his home.. Books or movies, Hogwarts was the one place that Harry felt was home. Not the Durselys', not even the Weasleys.

    Hogwarts was Harry's first real home. So, even if he hadn't been the "chosen one", even if voldemort was attacking the school directly as a goal without any of the rest of the part about him and Harry, I think he still would have fought as hard as he could to defend it. You could make Harry a supporting character with his parents just having died of natural causes, and him being taken in by the Dursleys to eventually go to school at Hogwarts with nothing else involved, and that kid would still have fought for the one place he felt at home.

    Hogwarts was like that for other students, but Harry had that abusive household and extremely limited freedom to make other social connections. That's an ideal setup for someone to attach to something as wonderful as Hogwarts was in comparison. I really think that Harry would have fought just as hard or harder for no other reason than that.


    me_irl Pandantic

    Every time I live the dream of reluctantly going to work

    7 Grinnell Undergraduate Workers Have Won a First Contract

    This month at Grinnell College, undergraduate student workers ratified their first contract — the first wall-to-wall undergrad worker union contract in the US. Jacobin spoke to union leaders about the victory.

    Grinnell Undergraduate Workers Have Won a First Contract

    The Lie That's Destroying the Economy - Adam Conover The Lie That's Destroying the Economy

    This one story explains why everything from Taylor Swift to Tyson Chicken is so f-ed up. SUPPORT ON PATREON - SEE ADAM LIVE - SUBSCRIBE TO FACTUALLY PODCAST - SOURCES: TicketMaster dominates the live ev...

    The Lie That's Destroying the Economy

    I’d love ro hear everyone’s thoughts on this!


    🎶Here comes the sun 🎶

    After two days of rain (and snow), it’s nice to see some blue sky!


    Rallying to help out a trans kid in need!

    This is community.

    I didn’t put the link as to not be accused of advertising (this not mine nor am I associated in any way). If you want it, let me know.


    Stephen Dobyns, “How to like it” - link, and text in body How to like it by Stephen Dobyns

    Comments & analysis: These are the first days of fall. The wind / at evening smells of roads still to be travel

    How to like it by Stephen Dobyns

    Stephen Dobyns

    How to like it

    These are the first days of fall. The wind

    at evening smells of roads still to be traveled,

    while the sound of leaves blowing across the lawns

    is like an unsettled feeling in the blood,

    the desire to get in a car and just keep driving.

    A man and a dog descend their front steps.

    The dog says, Let's go downtown and get crazy drunk.

    Let's tip over all the trash cans we can find.

    This is how dogs deal with the prospect of change.

    But in his sense of the season, the man is struck

    by the oppressiveness of his past, how his memories

    which were shifting and fluid have grown more solid

    until it seems he can see remembered faces

    caught up among the dark places in the trees.

    The dog says, Let's pick up some girls and just

    rip off their clothes. Let's dig holes everywhere.

    Above his house, the man notices wisps of cloud

    crossing the face of the moon. Like in a movie,

    he says to himself, a movie about a person

    leaving on a journey. He looks down the street to the hills outside of town and finds the cut

    where the road heads north. He thinks of driving

    on that road and the dusty smell of the car

    heater, which hasn't been used since last winter.

    The dog says, Let's go down to the diner and sniff

    people's legs. Let's stuff ourselves on burgers.

    In the man's mind, the road is empty and dark.

    Pine trees press down to the edge of the shoulder,

    where the eyes of animals, fixed in his headlights,

    shine like small cautions against the night.

    Sometimes a passing truck makes his whole car shake.

    The dog says, Let's go to sleep. Let's lie down

    by the fire and put our tails over our noses.

    But the man wants to drive all night, crossing

    one state line after another, and never stop

    until the sun creeps into his rearview mirror.

    Then he'll pull over and rest awhile before

    starting again, and at dusk hell crest a hill

    and there, filling a valley, will be the lights

    of a city entirely new to him.

    But the dog says, Let's just go back inside.

    Let's not do anything tonight. So they

    walk back up the sidewalk to the front steps.

    How is it possible to want so many things

    and still want nothing. The man wants to sleep

    and wants to hit his head again and again

    against a wall. Why is it all so difficult?

    But the dog says, Let's go make a sandwich.

    Let's make the tallest sandwich anyone's ever seen.

    And that's what they do and that's where the man's

    wife finds him, staring into the refrigerator

    as if into the place where the answers are kept-

    the ones telling why you get up in the morning

    and how it is possible to sleep at night,

    answers to what comes next and how to like it.