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Trump World Reportedly Flirts With a Return to Mandatory Military Service
  • I always said this is the answer for offering free education. Get a job after you’re done with school and then get a few years of real world experience. Then companies get people with training and experience right out the gate

  • what linux OS should I install on a backup notebook if my main one is debian?
  • OpenSuse Tumbleweed, gets you on the bleeding edge and I have had 1 issue like 5 years ago where I got a broken xorg driver. Rolled back the patch using snapper/btrfs and was back in business. Upgraded like a week later and everything was fine. System is still chugging all these years later.

    Also nothing wrong with running Debian Sid another distro I never ran into that many problems.

  • Apple planning redesigned iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch that are significantly thinner
  • I was okay with it getting thicker as well. I never got into the thinner is better thing. If I wanted something thin and light I would get an Air not a MBP. Still love the form factor of my 2010 MBP. I also really enjoyed Snow Leopard

  • Let's Try BSD, Part 1 of 7: Introduction (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD)
  • Very excited to see the rest of this series. I still run some BSD box’s. I really really enjoy it. I really wish they would support Docker at this point but it’s complex and I get it with the developers they have. Jails still work so so well. I am on a box I think I installed end of FreeBSD 9 or 10 on and just keep upgrading. That’s probably get to the 10 year mark at this point. I will have to go and check. It’s such a smooth system to run really a dream. Wish more people tried it especially

  • Todays Cleveland Browns game be like

    My liver will never recover from todays game