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Guess the Episode [Genius at Work]
  • Let me have one of those pоrnо magazines, large box of cоndоms... a bottle of Old Harper, a couple of those panty shields... and some illegal fireworks... and one of those disposable enemas- no, make it two.

  • Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In My Lane. Focused. Flourishing.
  • This river can kill you 1,000 ways.

    l can handle it. The only thing I'm afraid of is the candiru acu.

    It's a tiny little catfish. It swims up into your urethra, spreads its little spines, and refuses to budge.

    You have to cut it out.

    That's it I'm going back to L.A.!

  • Cypress Hill announce concert with London Symphony Orchestra decades after Simpsons joke

    Cypress Hill have announced a concert with the London Symphony Orchestra taking place on July 10th at Royal Albert Hall, acknowledging a Simpsons joke.

    Cypress Hill announce concert with London Symphony Orchestra decades after Simpsons joke

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    Battle of the 90's copycat movies. Deep Impact vs Armageddon. Which one did you enjoy more?

    "Twin Films", and there have been A LOT of them over the years. In addition to Deep Impact and Armageddon there were several made for TV and direct to video films with similar plots. We really just went through an asteroid phase in the mid to late 90s 🤷

    Both films are enjoyable. Deep Impact is more practical, Armageddon is funnier.

    "Wow. Got a great view of the Earth from here. Too bad we'll never set foot on her again"

  • New Bluey: 'Ghostbasket' and 'The Sign' to air globally this April!
  • Glad to finally get a date set. My TV tracking app has had 3 episodes listed as upcoming for the longest time. "The Sign", "Surprise" & "Ghostbasket".

    No mention of "Surprise" in the article, but a 28 minute episode is effectively 4-in-1 so I can't complain 🤷

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I attempt to.

    In the era of cancel culture I feel we should still be able to still enjoy the art when it's discovered the artist has done something awful.

    Easier said than done, and some artists really double down on the cancellation, but good art is still good art.

  • Why is living with your parents considered a bad thing?
  • The grift disguised as independence.

    The Cabal wants us to spend more money. If we are living with family, we're spending less. Their solution? Shame you into thinking you're less of a person because you lack financial independence. Hollywood simply amplifies this.

  • Your Your Your

    Amazon app on a Pixel 6. Been like this for ages 🙄


    Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

    A song that's been sampled countless times. Do you recognize it?