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Ozy Yuumi

Backup acc; Main is @[email protected]

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Protect your PC
  • but my DVI monitor doesn't get the love SCSI does 😔 what a society we live in....

  • controversial rule
  • sluts for praise

    bro you really didn't have to word it like that mane cmon

  • My eggs ruleturned to monke
  • A very specific monkey

  • ⭐ rockstar developers ⭐
  • ngl, thought you guys meant rockstar as in the company, which would still apply lol

  • How you all prevent Password/OTP/TOTP deadlocks?
  • 3-2-1 rule, 3 backups, 2 locations, 1 off-site

    but it's more like 3-3-2 for me tbh

  • Hydroponics Rule
  • pretty sure the love fits the square hole all the same

  • Saw this fucking ad so I had to fix it (original add in post box)
  • person holding the "Wabbajack", a weapon in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim™ that morphs entities into something else. Very powerful and funny weapon

  • Vim prank: alias vim='vim -y'
  • "prank" a vim user. You mean make it normal?

    still, cool nonetheless

  • rule
  • oh my bad, it's Aroused Creatures.

    Make sure you have the full stack for it to work.

  • rule
  • Probably like obsidian weathers or cathedral weather idk, looks very non-enb to me, but I'm not really a enb user myself.

  • Download from Nexusmods without account
  • in the case of spam, I haven't been spammed by nexus at all, if anything, I got like 2 emails per year form them, and that's because I had site news on. You can disable all communicate from them, or better yet, mark them as spam.

  • Download from Nexusmods without account
  • the steam downloaders work on the SteamCMD principle (or the donated file kind too for restricted games) and kemono is just an archiver.

    There isn't a point for anyone to make such a tool as the website is literally FREE to use and it would be a waste of money to re-host already free content.

    Honestly just suck it up and make an account, you won't be tracked down by the CIA, the FBI isnt going to come knocking at your door either just because you wanted to download Dagoth Ur loincloth replacement mod.

  • Simplelogin turning to a crap :(
  • +1 for addy . io, been using it for a while now and it's nice to have unlimited aliases for free

  • vvvvvvRRRRRRRRRRR *thunk*
  • holy fucking car accident 😔

  • Rule
  • did you just go womp womp?

  • youtube chapters rule
  • found the vid for anyone that wants it

  • [beta] Help test Shaarli addon on Firefox
  • seems to be a personal & self holster link shortener and share service

  • Enginee(r)ule
  • Math: boo, boring, numbers, what am I gonna do, become a teacher?

    Engineering: cool, wires, electricity, sparky and things can go boom

  • Discord rich presence on linux (game activity)
  • There is Element or Matrix or whatever the fuck that shit is called. Supposedly a better discord but the UI is so fucking bad and confusing it makes no sense.

    I guess revolt and guilded are the next best options? But I am not sure how they work on Linux

  • Linux for desktop market share surpasses 4% for the first time, says Statcounter
  • Yeah TMP, my CPU doesn't have it, and I'm not going to get a new motherboard and CPU just for a shittier Windows experience.