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NATO’s Pledges to Ukraine Fall Short for a Counteroffensive This Year
  • Problem is that they still have thousands in storage, even if they are in bad condition, a tank is a tank, it still has its place in war. They still have ifvs and they still have artillery and the biggest indicator is that they are still capturing territory regardless of huge losses.

    At the rate of 10-20 tanks a day, you are still looking at 300-150 days before they start running out of stored ones, not counting that they are manufacturing some amount monthly. But battle lines don't lie. They are still moving in the wrong direction. I don't like it and wish Ukraine could retake those territories but russians are far from wasted no matter how much we all wish that they were.

    Its a very bad mistake to underestimate your opponent and assume that some magic wonder weapon will suddenly tip the scale of war. The only thing that will do this is increased supply of western arms and removal of the absolutely insane rules of not attacking russian territory.

    F16 by themselves will not be enough, but they will help of course. Hopefully to lower the damage to infrastructure and hopefully to damage russian air force.

  • NATO’s Pledges to Ukraine Fall Short for a Counteroffensive This Year
  • Just keep in mind that russians get ~1mil conscripts a year. They can keep feeding their mince machine for a long time to come. Besides massively more support with heavy weapons without restrictions, I am not entirely sure Ukraine can outlast old ussr stockpiles...

  • Wealthy French spooked by election explore possible moves abroad
  • You are driving hard the trickle down shitonomics. It doesn't work. So just stop it and read up the subject.

    If no one else wants to take over key industries, i am happy for the government go bring them under public ownership for a peppecorn. If they leave, they had no loyalty to either their employees nor the country. I don't want such people here anyway. This is what UK is planning to do with railways (privatising them was a complete disaster) and energy companies (UK bills are some of the highest in eurozone yet bit energy companies are reporting profits after profits).

    Local profits should stay in their local countries so fuck all those non-doms if they want to leave. I am going to be happy when the government finally takes over franchises that were designed to be asset stripped with impunity.

    It was only 5 years ago that we got button operated doors on westbound london trains. 5 fucking years ago. Previously you had to pull down the window and open the door from the outside by sticking your hand out. What in victorian hell do we live in in 2018?

    If the mega rich leave, good i will be singing and dancing as the government finally take sover key industries and its going to be less under effect from whims of their retarded ceos (looking at musk here).

  • Wealthy French spooked by election explore possible moves abroad
  • Believe it or not but most of them don't pay taxes like normal people who have an actual job of working for someone.

    They don't get income tax the same way as we do. And are you seriously telling me that those who own companies and industries will actually physically move them? No, industry doesn't work like that. They can sell it off and someone else will take over. So no loss there.

    What that article is trying to cry is that "trickle down economics works" which is clearly bullshit.

  • Miliband overrules officials with immediate North Sea oil ban
  • The execs of those companies should be forced to clean up every oil spill personally (with the company paying all fees including supporting volunteers). As well as setup local wildlife rehabilitation centres at the scene of the spill. With annual reports about the damage numbers in all public filings.

  • 98% compatibility
  • Been gaming on linux for the better part of last couple of decades, can agree its in a muhc better place now and its a rarety to find a title that doesn't work through proton. There are some but not a massive amount.

    Kinda ironic but out of the ones that don't work for proton, sometimes they work via wine instead

  • There are big warning signs behind Labour's historic UK win
  • The biggest issue for me was turnout. It was almost 8% less than last time! How could this be? How so few people care about their countries future? I wouldn't even be as annoyed by this if we had 99% turnout and the rest of 39% voted for the racists. I can live with this, as much as i think it's a misguided vote. But still why so few turned up? Boggles the mind!

  • Russia Loses Last Black Sea Missile Ship
  • You missed the point (and i should have perhaps been clearer), the chap was saying "no navy", i am pointing out that suicide drones are still part of that navy and Ukrainians had 15000 personal at the start of the war in the navy.

  • Russia Loses Last Black Sea Missile Ship
  • You really gotta count how many cheap boat Ukrainians lost trying to sink 60 ships. Ofc they (suicide boats) are much, much, much cheaper and cause no crew casualties being remotely controlled. So it is super cost effective, And most importantly safe, but if you count pure numbers i am sure Ukrainian losses of those boats are massively higher.

    But the fact that russians can still use their missles ships to launch missiles is a big issue. Even if there are fewer of those ships, its not 0 :(... Yet

  • Where to recycle treadmill?

    Got a small walking treadmill, that now became a fire hazard, rhe motor is sparking, but replacing it seems not feasible as i cannot get a replacement part (the company stopped existing a while ago and doesn't seem like a main manufacturer). And it seems a slightly more permanent installation than not.

    So looking to scrap it, but how to scrap it in London without a car? Council bulk pickup seems not to mention anything about fitness equipment and neither does the "not so local" recycling centre, tried calling it but the number goes nowhere. Its a fair trip on a taxi if i wanted to bring it to the centre and not a straightforward walk either.

    So the question is, how to scrap it? Contacted a random "local" company that mentioned picking up gym equipment but they quoted £200, which is more than the bloody thing cost!

    Going to email the council, but anything else i can try?


    [Solved] How to properly throw a 404 status in react router 6?

    Using react router and have a route definition:

    { path: '/', element: <Root pageTitle={pageTitle} />, errorElement: <ErrorPage setPageTitle={updatePageTitle} />, children: [ ... { path: '*', element: <ErrorPage setPageTitle={updatePageTitle} />, loader: async () => { throw new Response('Not Found', { status: 404 }); }, }, ], },

    This shows me 404 page how I want but without the rest of the root element but also the http status is reported as 200. How do I properly throw it as a 404 and show it inside root element?


    Is it possible to create shortcuts to either tags or collections?

    Say I have a Films library

    Is it possible to make a shortcut on the left hand side menu to a specific tag or collection from this library? I was not able to find this option.

    And a side question, if I have media in multiple languages, whats the best way of signalling it? Via tags of some kind? Or {edition- labelling?


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    Cat recharging in the sun


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    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like OwlPaste.

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