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Robert De Niro Blasts Trump as 'Clown' Threatening Democracy at Biden Campaign Event
  • But this isn't the only issue. Yeah, it's horrible Biden is doing this, but with Trump, he would stock the SCOTUS with more far right judges and start taking rights away from people.

    Also, those in jail for storming the capital, I'm guessing pardoned on day one.

  • Secret Service notified as Trump aide brags about 'causing innocent people to be arrested'
  • Shows how stupid this guy is. Obviously it isn't illegal for someone to own "Hollywood money" or else he wouldn't admit to owning it himself. If a homeless person gives it to a store and they accept it, that's on them.

    It clearly states on the bills "For Motion Picture use Only", doesn't feel right, and isn't the right size.

  • Judge holds Trump in contempt for violating gag order in hush money trial
  • Unfortunately, that is probably the statute. It sucks that we don't scale up fines based on wealth.

    In Sweden (I think), speeding tickets are based on how much money you have. A person making $50k a year will pay a lower speeding ticket compared to a billionaire going the same speed.

  • California won't prosecute LAPD officer who shot teenage girl in store's dressing room
  • Ah yes. The classic "We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong defence."

    Things like these need to be held by an independent team and no info given about those involved, e.g. the shooter was a police officer. Some people keep saying the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The fact the shooter was an officer should have no bearing on the outcome then.

    Also, getting an independent team means new jobs for people. Get better results and be a job creator.

  • Biden sees highest approval rating since November
  • If you believe the previous presidents you listed were as narcissistic as Trump, I do t know what to say.

    Also, Republicans have reshaped this country in a worst way. Democrats are weaker, but that is only because they don't stoop to the same level as Republicans do when it comes to politics. Dems actually try to work together, Republicans say do what I want or else. Do you remember at all the previous government shutdowns? All due to Republicans not willing to compromise. Then they do a big show saying it's all Democrats fault.