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OpenAI just admitted it can't identify AI-generated text. That's bad for the internet and it could be really bad for AI models.
  • I completely agree with you, ai should be seen as a great thing, but we all know that the society we live in will not pass those benefits to the average person, in fact it'll probably be used to make life worse. From a leftist perspective it's very easy to see this, but from the Norman position, atleast in the US, people aren't thinking about how our society slants ai towards being evil and scary, they just think ai is evil and scary. Again I completely agree with what you've said it's just important to remember how reactionary the average person is.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Not trying to hardware shame but does your PC only have 2gbs of ram?

  • How do you all track your car maintenance?
  • You might want to check out the oil

  • That’s some other guy I swear
  • Considering the time it would take to paint something like this, I would seriously doubt the painter just didn't think about. It's most likely just foreshadowing.

  • Amazon And Apple Fined $218 Million For Elbowing Out Small Retailers In Spain
  • Oh no 218 million for two companies that have a higher GDP than 95% of nations, how will they ever recover?

  • we all have a comfort chair, tell me I'm wrong
  • About 10x that price lol, herman millers are nice but you definitely pay for it.

  • Iran’s ‘morality police’ return as authorities enforce hijab rule
  • I don't think they do, most just try to call out needless islamaphobia.

  • Let's clear up this Trans flag hoax- Squidtips
  • Love squidtips, I don't ride but he's a really solid motorcycle YouTuber, the only one I've ever found to not do annoying YouTuber stuff and refuses to play into toxic masculinity despite being a straight cis man. Top guy.

  • Libs when you bring up neocolonialism
  • It's bigtop burger, haven't seen this new season yet but the first season is great. It's also the only show who's music I've added to my playlist.

  • Compass rule
  • I'm bottom left yet again 😞

  • Twitch will require new labels for streams with sexual themes, gambling and M-rated games
  • Seems like a rare twitch decision that actually makes sense. Not all adult themes are the same and they shouldn't all be treated equally, plus more info is always better. I've seen a lot of people on Lemmy asking for a similar system.

  • The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus
  • Can't find a way to view this on Jerboa :( I can only fullscreen the first image and the rest are very small and I can't click. Hopefully they fix this soon 🤞

  • Why were early humans so fit if their diet pretty much only consisted of meat?
  • What does liking dogs have to do with eating meat lol

  • Why were early humans so fit if their diet pretty much only consisted of meat?
  • Also not an expert but we weren't just hunters, we were hunter gatherers. One group hunted animals while the other group would pick wild berries, fruit, wild vegetables or whatever other edible plants they could find. Not to mention what the other person said about animals with a balanced diet having much healthier meat than the factory farmed animals of today.

  • What happens if the worst happens?
  • Well the host of that instance would still have the data but most of the time I'm sure they'd just delete it to save space so posts and accounts would be gone forever

  • A place for Mac Miller fans!
  • Man I wanted to join but it looks like Lemmygrad was defederated by, guess I need to make a new account somewhere else

  • Learning Lemmy?
  • Being federated is basically your instance agreeing to show posts and users of another instance. I would be really surprised if was defederated since it seems like a pretty normal instance, lemmygrad would make more sense but it's so popular I don't think many instances have defederated them either. It's probably just a bug, Lemmy has plenty and I've only ever used it on the Jerboa android app, never in browser. Stick with it, maybe some improvements will be made.

  • Randomly found a stronghold while caving
  • I've played 1000s of hours and never had it happen to me or anyone else I know. Needless to say it's extraordinarily rare, I would love to see someone do the math and see what the chances actually are.

  • rule