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iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • When I was looking at replacing my phone, I was considering an iPhone. But the major thing that stopped me was the lightning port.

    The other major thing now is Firefox. It is simply better on android than iOS. It is by far the most used app on my phone, and not being able to use the extensions I do on android is a significantly worse experience.

    I also really like my current phone, it has a marvelous bit of technology called a 3.5mm headphone jack and is amazing.

  • 2024 could be world’s hottest year as June breaks records
  • No he is talking about his own roughly 48km2 area.

    Ignoring the fact that the earth is just slightly larger at 510,064,472 km2

  • Fellas of Lemmy, what's your Every Day Carry (EDC)?
  • They are great for what they are and definitely have their place. But they are expensive and pretty mediocre in comparison to something like my KBear KS1s which are around £20, or £140 cheaper than the Openrun Pros I have.

    I love them(I am on my 3rd pair), and I reach for them more often than the in ears. They are super comfortable and easy to listen too, they allow you to hear stuff around you as long as you don't crank them up too loud, and the battery lasts ages(I got about 13 and a half hours of music out of them in a day).

    In terms of audio quality, they arent great, listenable but the bass is fairly bad and the highs are thin. Mids, especially voices are pretty great though. So if you listen to a lot of podcasts they are fairly easy to recommend, music is not their strong point.

    I cycle a lot, like a silly amount. So not having my in ears blocking sound is always good. I also suffer a lot from wind noise which can give me really bad headaches, which having the Shockz on helps reduce, and the music eliminates the headaches. This is why I love them so much, they are basically essential to me on rides, espcially when doing long ones. You can wear them all day listen to music and hove converstions with people without turning the music off.

    I also like them when just out and about in normal every day situations, because I can keep tabs on things around me while enjoying music. This doesnt really apply if you are commuting on a busy bus or train, or it is really loud around you they kinda suck at that point. Because you probably have to turn them up too loud to drown out the environmental noise, and that can cause them to vibrate on your head which really isnt good or comfortable.

    In terms of recommendations, if you cycle, run or walk a lot in nature(rather than cities) I would definitely encourage someone to try them. If you also hate wearing in ears I would recommend trying them as well, but keep in mind the audio is not great due to nature of the tech behind bone conduction.

    I would not really recommend if you like blocking out sounds(commutes, noisy office, busy city streets), or you are looking for great music audio quality.

  • Fellas of Lemmy, what's your Every Day Carry (EDC)?
  • I am very minimal with what I carry.

    I always have phone, headphones (either wired earbuds or my shokz bone conducting ones) and the least amount of keys(this is currently down to a single key on a small elastic cord).

    If I am cycling I add in a small cafe lock, and in the summer I include spf30 Chapstick as well.

    That is all the stuff ever really worry about taking with me on a daily basis.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • I can very rarely get mould on bread. Buuuut, I tend to buy 2 loaves of cheap bread that sit in a bread bin. Maybe if i have been out on the bike a lot and have not had lunch at home for a few days, do I maybe see the some mould near the end of the 2nd loaf.

    But like you say, living by myself, I have found that 2 loaves pretty much perfectly align with when I do shopping, and very rarely do I throw out bread from mould.

  • Which side are you?
  • Thanks for the update, glad you are not ded!

  • He remains at large
  • What if he got ill, or has an upcoming holiday and has to make up his quota? I am not sure I want to take that chance.

  • He remains at large
  • I would easily say no to his face... but he has a guna nd is willing to use it.

  • Which side are you?
  • It's been 8 hours. Either they ded. Or are too ashamed and embarrassed after getting covered in their drink.

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • This analogy is so bad, it is not even close to what is happening.

    I will try and adapt to cars for you(I dont know why), but this is just really really bad.

    Say you have designed a car, you can produce them on a very small scale, but you have come to valve(they make cars now) to mass produce. They do so, for a 30% cut(that reduces the more they sell) for everything they sell from their direct sales at the price you have set. There is no material costs or labour costs, just that cut of the price you have set.

    Now valve have a sales page and are selling, and you decide that actually I would like more people to see the car, and so you consider selling it at other dealers. Valve says, sure, you can even have the cars for free from us(no 30% cut) and you can have basically an unlimited supply of free fully built cars to sell else where. We only ask that you sell the car at the same price you have set with us if you are selling a car we made.

    You want to go sell it new cheaper? You are more than welcome too, but you cant sell the car we produced.

    Such a bad analogy, but that is closer to what is actually happening.

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • Just think about how this works.

    Steam currently allows you to generate keys and sell them for free, only stipulating that they must be sold for the same price as on steam.

    Let's say they are told that stipulation can't be enforced.

    Valve, will probably go with 1 of 2 options.

    1 - you can no longer generate keys. So all the great key sites(GMG, Fanatical and so on) no longer exist, because no steam keys.

    2 - Valve charge an upfront fee for keys generated. Now smaller pmdevs and publishers can no longer supply keys to sites, because they can't afford the upfront costs.

    What incentive does valve have to continue offering this free service? If it can be exploited for the detriment of steam, they will stop providing it.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • Phone tech is really boring. Almost everything looks the same, they are all x% faster than last year's model which still does everything perfectly fine. In terms of hardware, the phone has kinda reached the optimal place.

    I'm not the target audience for bleeding edge phones though. I take photos, listen to music(using Bluetooth and wired headphones), browse the web and message people. I don't really play games or use it for work.

    By far the most interesting thing to me is foldable phones. I really like the idea of a flip phone, but I don't think it would be too happy sitting in my sweaty pocket while I cycle.

  • People who refuse to learn how to drive a car, why?
  • Trust me, you could absolutely follow the example of other drivers and use your phone while driving.

  • Granted.
  • I don't know if I would call it spicy, been a long time since I had just celery though. But I am really sensitive to the taste of it.

    Even if you chop it up small and cook it into something, for me it ruins a meal and gives it this horrible aftertaste. Probably best described as puke, that kinda acidic taste

  • What adblocker are you using on iOS?
  • I really like Orion browser. Allows you to use Firefox extensions(and chrome), so you can use ublock origin and enjoy ad free browsing again.

  • Gotta stab a new drive into computer
  • SQL has always been Skull in my head. I think it is because I hated it when in college and associated it with dying inside.

  • Which do you prefer? A triple monitor setup? Or one single 32:9 ultrawide monitor?
  • Similar set up for me. But 21:9 is my desktop, so discord, web browser, anything that is lower quality. Then my 16:9 is my gaming and high quality content screen.

    This is because my 21:9 monitor is a bit older now, and a 144hz VA panel, and I hate it for games. My new 16:9 is an OLED and 240hz and it is absolutely gorgeous. I also mostly play fighting games, so anything more than 16:9 is just black, well in the case of the VA panel grey and a bunch of light bleed.

  • Medical freedom vs. public health: Should fluoride be in our drinking water?
  • Ohhh can I partake in this.

    Fluoride contamination, consequences and removal techniques in water -

    See look at the scary headline, and the first sentence - "Fluoride contamination has created a drinking water crisis globally."

    Only downside to this paper... it kinda mentions how great it is for humans to consume low levels of flouride.

  • Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – 2B Gameplay Trailer

    More dlc characters have been announced as well -