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How will the average lemming, Democrat, Republican, American and non-American react when Biden loses this election?

Every once in a while I read a new poll showing how historically unpopular he is. How do you think people individually and in groups will react to this seemingly inevitable (to me) result? How will society react and, if possible, change?


In light of's pre-emptive defederation of hexbear, would anyone support defederating



Does any music genre have a disproportionally high number of highly educated artists?

Was reading about The Offspring due to this post here:

As I read their Wikipedia page I noticed that Dexter Holland (lead singer) has a PhD in Molecular Biology. Then I remembered that Greg Gaffin (lead singer) of Bad Religion has a PhD in Zoology.

Is this a trend in Punk Rock or am I noticing a freak coincidence? If not punk rock, is there any genre that stands out in its number of highly educated artists?

Rick and Morty OprahsedCreature

Who's the most compelling non-main character on the show to you?

For me it's Planetina. While the whole episode was as chaotic as any episode, I felt that her arc through the episode was extremely deep for such a brief appearance, rife with symbolism and philosophy.


I feel like /c/memes has taught us a valuable lesson today: Would it make sense to develop a feature to block a comm from our feed for a selectable unit of time (1 hour, 1 day, etc.)?

Even if we're subscribed to them? Could a temp block exist in conjunction with a subscription? I love c/memes but holy shit no matter which sort I select by they've managed to overwhelm my feed.


Hey Lemmy, what are your favorite ear worms?

Wikipedia for reference:


Hey Lemmy, do you think COVID is/has caused a brain drain and if so from what countries to where?


Hey Lemmy, what are some good public domain books?

I tend to like the volunteer-read audiobooks on librivox and recently was curious about their Sherlock Holmes books (never read or listened to before), but I'm wondering what else is out there and popular in the community.