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Legality of same sex relationship in Africa
  • Basically the difference between being legally supported as opposed to simply not illegal.

    South Africa recognizes same sex marriages, where-as the other places allow same sex relationships legally, but don't recognize the marriages.

  • Legality of same sex relationship in Africa
  • There's also significant input from American Evangelicals contributing to these laws. For instance, Scott Lively an evangelical anti-gay activist, helped push for Uganda to penalize same-sex relationships with the death penalty. And Islam only makes up 13.7% of Uganda.

  • How come so many chapters have unknown primarchs ?
  • Yea, Belisarius Cawl has stable gene-seeds for all of the Primarchs that he is using to make the Primaris Marines, though he's under orders to only use Loyalist Primarch gene-seeds.

    Very few Chapters have a complete stable gene-seed, which leads to a lot of the various quirks. And even the application of the gene-seed isn't consistent which changes things even more. Blood Angels and Space Wolves are supposed to have severe genetic instability for example.

  • To me, my X-rule!
  • I'm usually fine giving the benefit of the doubt, but this comment was in direct response to a scene from the show that was absolutely blatant, so they had to wilfully ignore that.

  • To me, my X-rule!
  • I saw someone complaining that the old X-men show was at least subtle and not in your face about how it approached social issues.

    This was in response to a clip from the old X-men show of a bunch of anti-mutant brownshirts in armbands getting mad that a filthy mutant was touching a human woman.

    I think it's safe to say that person was not arguing in good faith.

  • Zelensky: JD Vance must understand ‘millions will be killed’ without US aid to Ukraine
  • Because the millions for Ukraine accounts for civilian casualties, not purely military. For anything similar Ukraine would have to counter invade Russia and launch artillery at residential areas.

    Even if we assume the worst of Ukraine's intent, they wouldn't have the capability to go beyond securing their borders.

  • Alabama IVF ruling divides devout Christians: 'Fewer children will be born'
  • As horrendous as this ruling is, I'm also pissed at the pro-forced birthers that are upset by this ruling. It's so intellectually dishonest to object to this ruling when it uses the same justifications they use to oppose abortion.

    These people pick issues to be passionate on but never actually put in the effort to research. And not just whether their position makes any sense, but what the downstream effects of the position would mean.

    The politicians who write these anti-abortion laws are even more lazy. This is literally their job and they should have seen this coming. They could have put in exceptions for IVF from the get-go but they didn't, because they are more interested in winning points than writing effective legislation.

  • And this is my new campaign plan
  • In the 2004 Bard's Tale game you keep running across kids who die thinking they are they chosen one.

    And then trows (basically goblins) come out and sing an oompa loompa style song mocking the kids.

  • Sovcit tried to pay with the magic coupon instead of money, the CFO didn't listen.
  • It's kind of similar to numerology and cargo cults. They understand there is a cause and effect, but think that ritualistic actions are the cause to achieve their effect, instead of understanding that actual law is only superficially similar to ritual.

  • Modder Who Put Pokémon Into Palword Says 'Nintendo Has Come for Me'
  • Not that this would save the average person from litigation hell, but does Nintendo actually have a legal leg to stand on? What would make a (free) mod any different from any other artistic expression?

    Also assuming the mod creator didn't do anything crazy like rip assets from an existing Pokémon game.

  • French regulator fines Amazon $35 million over its surveillance system of warehouse workers
  • They reported 9.9 billion in profit for their third quarter last year, so I think 458 minutes of profit from that quarter.

    I assumed 90 days in the quarter, or 129,600 minutes.

    So dollar or minute wise, that comes out to a 00.35% penalty to that quarter.

    Edit: Which isn't even close to the 36 minutes in that article, so I'd err on me being the wrong one.

    Edit 2: I think I see the difference, I was looking at their profit, not their revenue.