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Would you support a mandatory retirement age of 75 for US House, US Senate & US Supreme Court Justices and if not why?
  • Not for House or Senate. Age just isn't a close enough metric for what you're trying to fix.

    If you're concerned with age-related decline, vote them out if you see signs of it, or if they would reach whatever age your limit is during the term.

    If you're concerned about longevity in office, use term limits or reform campaign finance such that longevity in office doesn't grant too high of an incumbent advantage.

    SCOTUS, sure. I think Canada has appointments until 75. Does not seem meaningfully different from appointments for life except less randomness on open slots.

  • The Mac vs. PC war is back on?
  • I find it hard to believe that, outside of work computers, many people would be choosing Windows over Mac or Linux, especially is AI is their goal.

    I'm sorry, why? Microsoft basically owns OpenAI and has begun integrating it into their products. Apple doesn't have any AI capabilities beyond Siri.

  • Chicken vs Egg
  • I don't like this because it's not addressing the actual saying. Obviously the saying is about chicken eggs specifically.

    But I've always felt obviously the egg came first. The first chicken was born in an egg, so the egg came first. That egg could have been produced from a creature with a mutation which caused it to produce the first chicken egg when it is not itself the exact same species.

  • Zelensky wants China at Ukraine peace talks, cites ‘influence on Russia’ | CNN
  • I'm not following how it's any problem for China to just be on Russias side? They get cheap resources while focusing the West away from Taiwan and showing the West the impossibility of trying to win a proxy war against a world power. Seems like they get everything they want. So they lose out on some trade with a smaller GDP than Ethiopia, whatever.

  • Futures
  • Seems to be making the point that it would be kind of dumb to spread across the solar system just making the other planets just as messed up as what we are currently doing on Earth.

  • Manipulation
  • I heard once that dogs can't really hide their emotions because they are telegraphed by pheromones from anal glands, so the only thing they can do is adjust how widely the pheromones are spread, by wagging their tail to spread positive feelings and tucking their tail between their legs to hide negative emotions.

  • Growth as an end
  • The Earth isn't a closed system. The Universe might be but I feel pretty confident we'll have moved on from any currently recognizable economic system by the time we fill that up.

  • Centrists gonna centrist...
  • (Shitting on leftists probably helps Democrats if it entices Centrists to vote for Democrats. Worst thing Leftists do to the cause is not vote, worst thing Centrists do is actively vote for Republicans)

  • Check your email for the verification code we just sent you.
  • What does it even mean "one less account to track?" The money is still coming from a bank account, if you track the money in your account you would still have to account for a check, and it would be even worse if the check isn't cashed right away.

    Is it that you don't have the monthly credit card bill if you send a check? But you're spending the same amount of money regardless, checks are more like one-off credit card transactions, that don't confirm payment like a credit card does. Checks are worse for the payment-neurotic. That's maybe an argument for debit cards, it's not an argument for checks.

  • Bills trade Boogie Basham to Giants Bills trade DE Boogie Basham to Giants

    After two years with the Bills, defensive end Boogie Basham is heading to the Giants.

    Bills trade DE Boogie Basham to Giants
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