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I want to make a post but not allowed?
  • pups come in different sizes, but i think the main issue would be hitting the right keys with its paws. Besides nobody under 13 (so about 2 man-years for a pup) should be posting to social media, including the fediverse.

  • It's really not a big deal.
  • Yet being top was accepted and revered. I’d say they were somewhat bi-friendly, and I’ve yet to hear about how they viewed lesbians.

    Both Loki and Odin takes the roles/duties of women several times, while not being cast out or referred to as ergi.

    Cross dressing I think was harder to execute as the manly outfits were lavish already.

  • It's really not a big deal.
  • Viking virtues like staying true to your word, even if that means death. A deviation of this is the stoning of men that tried to flee from combat - by their wives.

    Viking society was very gender based with clear roles for man and woman, and while being a bottom would hurt your manly rep, being the active partner in a homosexual relation would bolster it.

    Children still had top prio, so without a wife being too didn’t make the cut.