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Majority of Black Americans believe U.S. institutions are conspiring against them, poll finds
  • …and what “one race” is the current system against, in your opinion?

  • One in three Republicans now think Donald Trump was wrong candidate choice
  • But when all the choices are shit, go for the shittiest shit that ever shitted in shitstown.

  • Trump says he's "okay" with jail or house arrest
  • Stand for it?! He’s delusional. Most of “the public” wouldn’t only stand for it, they’d wait in line to buy tickets to see him escorted to prison. They’d but t-shirts.

  • Yup
  • Brb. Gonna make a “blue wave.”

  • Mexico's new president!
  • And now I’m jealous of Mexico.

  • It just doesn't make any sense!
  • If you could reason with trump supporters, there would be no trump supporters.

  • Netflix Announces Minecraft Animated Series
  • My kid is under 10 and absolutely adores all things Minecraft. He will be over the moon to hear this news. So will all his friends.

  • Justice Alito's Upside-Down Flag Claim Dismantled by Police, Neighbors: Report
  • The signs were soon taken down by Emily’s mother out of safety concerns.

    The last phrase in the article really irritates me. I drive through rural areas where everyone flies their pro-trump flags and their “kill Brandon” signs and no one balks. Heck, I live in a semi-urban blue city, and one neighbor on my block had a trump sign with no worries.

    But post any anti-trump signs or anti-fascism / anti-insurrection signs and you WILL get a rock through your window, at the very least.

    The neighbor next to the trump supporter on my street had a “SETTLE FOR BIDEN” sign. I don’t know if they got flak for that.

    I hate the era we live in.

  • Truth Social struggles to grow its U.S. user base, new data on Trump Media app shows
  • Well, they are competing with Xitter and Facebook for the “paranoid delusional right wing moron” demographic.

  • Samsung forces repair stores to destroy customer smartphones, iFixit ends cooperation
  • Consider this: A person has their iPhone battery replaced with a cheap Chinese 3rd party battery. A month later, the battery catches fire, injuring the person. Which headline do you honestly believe will run:

    • Apple iPhone catches fire, injures owner.

    • Unauthorized replacement iPhone battery catches fire, injures owner.

  • Texas doctor who said nine-year-olds can safely give birth appointed to maternal mortality committee
  • Right-wingers are terrible people. Right-wing Texans take that to the extreme.

  • When AI trains from Bear Grylls' website...
  • I didn’t even see this one. A friend sent me the pic I posted. My mistake, I’ll delete mine.

  • Trump lashes out after DOJ reveals classified documents were found in his bedroom
  • I don’t believe that hurting or killing people is trumps first goal, but if there’s money to be made or his ego to be protected, he won’t care how many people have to die.

    He’s proven this over & over - from leaking classified information to Russian officials- which resulted in the deaths of American & ally agents, to botching (and trying to profit from) COVID-19 policies & procedure, which resulted in the deaths of millions, to his insane border policies, to releasing of terrorist leaders to appease his favorite dictators, to his unadvised withdrawal of troops from foreign war zones, and so on.

    trump is a menace. Whether it’s because he’s malicious (he is), stupid (he is), or a malignant narcissist (he is) doesn’t really matter.

  • Learn how to count with Bill Gates
  • 0, 360, One, X, S…

  • Oh no.
  • Well, now you're only fifteen, And you look good.
    I'll take you under my wing, Somebody should.
    They've persuasive ways, And you'll believe what they say.

    It's just a question of time, And it's running out for you.
    It won't be long until you'll do, Exactly what they want you to…

  • Elders [Alex Krokus]
  • For MacBooks, 10 years is barely broken in. I’ve had MacBook Airs as daily drivers for well over 10 years.

  • The crossover no man wants..

    I had a thought: Someone should create a plugin to add the Kerbal star/planet system to No Man’s Sky. We could visit the lil’ green guys. Help them with their space program. It’d be fun!


    How do you organize your stuff? Am I overdoing it? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like AndrewPants.


    I messed up the end-game... (spoilers)

    So I finally got to the end of the "galaxy reset" mission. I chose "Eissentam" and was transported to the new galaxy... and then I immediately repaired my ship, summoned the Space Anomaly, and used their Teleportation Terminal to get home... I left no base computer or anything behind. How screwed am I?