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How do you stop feeling the desire to be in a relationship?
  • Are you asexual? If not, you're going to have sexual attraction. Turning that off isn't going to happen. Now, you can have sex without being in a relationship. But, normally people do strive to have a romantic relationship and I doubt you can switch that off without some serious drugs.

    I think many men that experience these feelings turn to anger. They blame society, women, other men, etc. They turn to toxic mentors who tell them how to be "alpha" and seek advice from "pick up artists". Do not do any of that.

    Your attitude sounds like depression. You have given up. You say you aren't reliable or an "adult". Do you want to be those things? Or do you want to be miserable that you're not those things? Those seem to be your options.

    Being miserable is easy. Just do nothing. Be lazy. Have regret.

    Being the person you want to be is hard. It is for most people. Most of us are in some stage of trying to be better people.

    "Either experience the pain of progress or the pain of regret".

    Being miserable can be comfortable if that's what you're use to doing. It's your safe space. Other things are foreign, strange, and scary.

    You'll have to work really hard to break that cycle. Your mind will be screaming at you to stop trying to better yourself. "There's no point!"... " "Just give up and go back to bed!"...

    You'll have to work to reject those thoughts and demonstrate to yourself that you can. And eventually, you'll notice it won't be as hard or scary.

    So, make a plan and start with small things.

    Or continue to give up and feel miserable.

  • What does the world think of India?
  • I'm in a Western country and 9 out of 10 phone calls I recieve are scam calls from India. Right now in my country, there are Indians with temporary working visas protesting because they don't want to return to India.

    India does not seem like a place I want to visit.

  • Loblaws, Sobeys owners under investigation by Competition Bureau for alleged anti-competitive conduct
  • There's a Competition Bureau? What have they been doing all this time? Can they take a look at Robellus when they get a chance?

  • Indian students in Canadian province take to the streets over tightening immigration rules
  • We owe them nothing. They are trying to cheat the system. People who jump through the hoops to get their PR should be the most insulted.

  • 16 year olds should legally be allowed to vote in my opinion
  • Canadians don't even want proportional representation. Improving our democracy isn't important. So, I can't imagine they would support 16 year olds voting.

  • Joe Rogan - suggestions to switch my sibling to better media
  • If he's a "hard follower" of Joe Rogan than he likely won't be interested in other content. Rogan is a fool, but that's why people find him appealing. Content that is insightful and educational is the opposite of the junk food of Rogan.

    Maybe instead, when Rogan says something like "Bro did you know like the pineal gland of the chimpanzee produces anti-covid hormones? This is just what I've heard. Look it up. By the way did you see the tree growing in my toilet?" You can help your sibling by teaching them ways to think, reason, and critically evaluate the BS that freely flows from the Roganverse.

  • Green groups outraged after Ottawa changes the rules on environmental assessments
  • Conservatives are way ahead in the polls. Apparently, less environmental protection is acceptable to most of us.

  • Toronto Public Library accused of anti-Palestinian racism after abrupt removal of work by Gazan poet
  • Try putting up a poster of anybody kidnapped by Hamas. Won't last a day anywhere in the city. Not a tear shed about their human experiences.

  • City staff recommend continuing ban on e-scooters in Toronto
  • Nothing is banned in Toronto because bans are not enforced.

    The police only have >$1 billion. We can't expect them to do their jobs.

  • Judge rejects injunction request for removal of McGill encampment protest
  • May as well start an outdoor trance rave while they are there. What's the worst that could happen.

  • What did you get into as it was dying or otherwise on its way out?
  • Sometimes on the news or social media, I'll hear about some well-known musician, author, etc, who has died. There's been occasions where I check out their material and suddenly become a fan.

    Have you heard of Daniel Dennett? Check him out.

  • A Small Group in South Korea Has a Big Homophobic Agenda
  • Religion can make otherwise good people do bad things.

  • 'Deeply unhappy' grocery shoppers plan to boycott Loblaw-owned stores in May
  • I'm betting they instead continue to make record profits all through May.

  • Rising unemployment hits Canada's international students hard
  • I know this sounds heartless, but it's not our responsibility to ensure international students are employed.

  • Pro-Palestinian encampment on McGill campus grows on 3rd day
  • I hear that Hamas listens to liberal college students from Western countries. It's really their core demographic.

  • International students will be allowed to work 24 hours a week starting in September
  • I'm glad we continue to allow international students to work. When we couple them with temporary foreign workers, maybe one day we can ensure no Canadians are employed.

    If your company can't afford to pay Canadians and instead needs to exploit overseas workers, then your company shouldn't exist.

  • Price increases coming to Metro stores as soon as next week, CEO says

    Higher prices will start coming to Metro Inc. grocery stores as soon as next week after an industry-wide blackout period on supplier price increases comes to an end, CEO Eric La Fleche said Tuesday.

    Price increases coming to Metro stores as soon as next week, CEO says

    FYI, Metro "reported a first-quarter profit of $228.5 million".


    How long before Windows becomes a subscription service?

    Everything is turning into disgusting subscription services. Most recently I saw home printers that required a monthly subscription service in order to print.

    So, how long before Windows is a subscription? They have already brought ads into Windows.

    Yes, I think I'll sign up for, the "Casual Gamer" tier, which allows 2 hours per week of gaming. Although I could always watch an ad to unlock 30 more minutes.