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Lowlee Kun
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Habe gerade Nazi-Teenager in der Bahn neben mir gehabt
  • So werden wir die Nazis besiegen! Mit Nettigkeitkeiten. Vielleicht mal Tür aufhalten und auch ein zwangloses 'Heil' zum Gruß, schon fühlen sich die Nazis wohl und stellen Hass- und Gewalttaten ein. Kann doch nicht so schwer sein.


  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • I can only suggest to use isopropanol (not sure whats the english word but i think you guys will know). The good industrial stuff with high purity. You literally only need to fill you bong with like 100 ml, shake it around a little, rinse with it water afterwards and it will clean as fuck. I just cleaned my bong for the first time after many years and it took like 5 minutes to have it look new again.

  • Israeli strike hits Rafah area after Hamas barrage
  • Going to fight against Nazi Germany for comparison of porportional counter attacks is really dumb when the Nazis killed more civilians than all their enemies during WWII combined. And it is not like the russians did not kill those in retaliation aswell, it was just impossible to catch up (we are going to ignore what Stalin did outside of fighting germany for this comment). Comparing a power capable of subjugating nearly a whole continent in the span of some months (all while planning and executing the murder of millions of civilians) with hamas got to be a bad joke.

  • Trump Offers to Industry for Campaign Finance Contribution(s)
  • Killing Oil Company CEO's should not be considered a crime at this point. For how long are theese companies allowed to get away with this? I guess until we "peasants" are occupied with killing each other for the left over scraps.

  • ich🖥️iel
  • Ohh man, die CDU ist einfach so ein korrupter und inkompetenter Gerontenkreis. Es wäre traurig wenn es nicht so wütend machen würde, dass solche Schwachmaten Asche und Mitspracherecht sondergleichen besitzen.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • I mean with nuclear power there are atleast some things objectively problematic like the high costs of the energy produced and the garbage that is left off. I would not have a beef with thrm protesting GMO's either, where they are used to essentially make the farmers dependent on the seller of the crops. It is this black and white aproach thats really got me grinding my gears because at this point its more of a well known cult than a group for the environment.

  • Gaza war: Israelis attack aid convoys sent for Palestinians
  • The only reason, and sadly the reason why they will get away with this for some more time for sure, is that the U.S. has pledged unconditional support. The whole west has to now tip toe around the fact that they very much watch a nation commit genocide without sanctioning the shit out of them. Germany has it easy cause we can always say "as former nazis we can not do anything but crawl up isreals butt".