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Bacon tho
  • No, it's literally what you said. Is what I described not a counterfactual?

  • Bacon tho
  • "Your honor, it's true I purchased a hitman's services, but I didn't cause his actions. He made his own decision, it just happened to be the one I paid him to do."

  • Bacon tho
  • "Your honor, it's true that the deceased died of blood loss after I stabbed them, however, the idea that they would've survived had I not stabbed them is a counterfactual and therefore cannot be proven at all."

  • Bacon tho
  • Literally a 5 year old could grasp this.

    When you buy something, it tells the person who sold it to you to stock more of it, which tells the people making it to make more of it. Since meat production involves killing animals, it means that when you buy meat, it causes more animals to be killed. If you go vegan and stop buying meat, it causes there to be less demand, which reduces the number of animals killed compared to if you didn't.

  • Bacon tho
  • I simply cannot believe that "[email protected]" would have a brain-meltingly bad take like this. Shocking.

    Where do you think the meat on your plate comes from? What do you think causes meat production to increase?

  • Bacon tho
  • Yeah no shit, but the number would be even higher if fewer people were vegan.

  • Title
  • I think you need to look up what that word means.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Genuine question, is criticism of the Israeli government, even based on falsehoods or misunderstandings, antisemitism?

    It isn't inherently but it definitely can be. It's absolutely possible to criticize Israel's government in an antisemitic way. In the same way, you can look at anti-Japanese posters from WWII that have racist charicatures and recognize and criticize the racist element, while acknowledging that Imperial Japan was absolutely vile.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

    Where's your source?

  • Bacon tho
  • I don’t believe I can make a noticeable difference.

    Not eating meat won't change the systemic problems but it will mean fewer animals will be subject to the industry. Over the course of a lifetime, the number of animals you can save adds up.

    Also it's a good habit to transfer thoughts and beliefs into actions.

  • Title
  • It’s why they’re so quiet.

    I mean I can criticize Kamala more if that's what you like.

    It literally doesn't matter what we do or don't do, liberals will always find a way to attack the left. You can set your clock by it.

  • Saudi Arabia threatened to sell off European debt if G-7 seized Russian assets: Report
  • Well, let's see, they've been fighting the Saudis (backed by the US) for the last 20 years, and your brilliant plan to subjugate the region involves attacking their main enemy, so I would say, a pretty long-ass time.

  • Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • More of a chance than they did. The dems were definitely going to lose before, now things are shaken up, Trump still has an edge but if they play their cards right who knows.

  • Blinken Says Gaza Cease-Fire Deal Is ‘Inside the 10-Yard Line’
  • Remember when the US was opening a port to provide aid to Gaza and we just had to wait for that and then they finished and then Israel blocked the aid like they did with everyone else and the US said "Oh well" and packed it up after accomplishing jack shit?

    They're just just trying to make it look like something is happening, just stalling for time indefinitely, constantly saying stuff is right around the corner while delivering on jack shit (except unconditional military aid to Israel). Anyone still buying this crap is a grade-A sucker.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • Germany and Italy.

  • Donald Trump Suggests He Would Not Defend Taiwan From China
  • Have you ever tried asking?

    The term you're looking for is Marxist-Leninist. It is by far the largest communist ideology in the world.

  • JD Vance opposes military aid, NATO membership for Ukraine. He's now Trump's VP pick
  • The executives of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin thank you for spit-shining their boots.

  • JD Vance opposes military aid, NATO membership for Ukraine. He's now Trump's VP pick
  • I could not give less of a shit about Ukraine's "rightful lands." No, it's not worth ordinary people dying to preserve the land of a reactionary state.

    It's so ridiculously easy to fool you into supporting wars. Literally the exact same playbook every single time and you'll fall for it every single time. "We have to stop them here or they'll keep coming," heard it all before. Where are all the 9/11s, now that we lost in Afghanistan? It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now. Some of us are able to learn from history. It's unfortunate that others refuse to learn and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

    It's very funny that you call me a keyboard warrior, I still haven't heard your excuse for why you believe in drafting others against their will to fight for a cause you believe in, while you cower at home. Almost as if you don't actually care about the well-being of Ukrainians at all 🤔

  • JD Vance opposes military aid, NATO membership for Ukraine. He's now Trump's VP pick
  • I'm not the one who wants all that to continue. How many more lives must be senselessly thrown into a meat grinder just to move a line on a map?

    If you care so much about it, why don't you go volunteer yourself? Ah, but you don't want that, what you want is for people to drive around, grabbing people off the street, and forcing them to fight your battles against their will. Because you don't actually care one bit about the people's wellbeing, you want to use them in pawns of the Great Game, which you seem to mistakenly believe benefits anyone outside of the 1%.

    Anyway you're not going to have any luck with that terrorist line. That's literally the exact thing that they said about Iraq and Afghanistan, "You're either with us or with the terrorists," I've heard that shit my whole life. I wasn't with them then and history has validated that completely. We'll see how many people have to die this time before the liberals finally realize that war is bad, yes, even this time.

  • Pew survey on global attitudes on China Most People in 35 Countries Say China Has a Large Impact on Their National Economy

    Large majorities in nearly all 35 nations surveyed say China has a great deal or a fair amount of influence on their country’s economic conditions.

    Most People in 35 Countries Say China Has a Large Impact on Their National Economy
    12 How Cooking Oil Became a Red-Hot Food Safety Issue in China

    Chinese authorities start investigating revelations that companies are transporting fuel and cooking oil in the same trucks.

    How Cooking Oil Became a Red-Hot Food Safety Issue in China
    United States | News & Politics OBJECTION!

    Trump's foreign policy doublespeak

    >President Trump kept America out of new wars and brought thousands of brave troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and many other countries. Joe Biden has undermined our military readiness and surrendered our strength to the Taliban.

    When Trump pulls troops out of Afghanistan, it's "bringing thousands of brave troops home," but when Biden does the same, it's, "surrendering our strength to the Taliban." He brags about "keeping America out of foreign wars" while at the same time bragging about assassinating "the world's number one terrorist," Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, which was an extreme act of provocation.

    This is taken from the issues page of Trump's campaign website, and there are several more statements relating to foreign policy, frequently and boldly contradicting each other. It's a perfect example of the "If By Whiskey" tactic. So what's actually going on here? Well, to understand the reasons for this equivocation, we need to analyze the foreign policy positions of Americans.

    Broadly speaking, people fall into one of four camps: Idealist Hawk (liberals), Idealist Dove (libertarians), Realist Hawk (nationalists), and Realist Dove (socialists).

    Idealist Hawks believe that US foreign policy is driven by benevolence and spreading freedom, and the fact that it repeatedly fails to do so (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc) is explainable by a variety of excuses. Generally, they are more interested in current events and easily persuaded to support intervention based on seeing a bad thing happening, without a broader analysis or explanation of the situation or how things have played out historically.

    Idealist Doves also believe that US foreign policy is driven by benevolence, but they see that as a bad thing. They are generally right libertarians or hold libertarian values, they see war as another example of wasteful government spending as it tries and fails to improve people's lives, which they generally don't see as a valid goal in the first place. Being idealists, they are still rather easily duped into supporting war and militarism, often, they will support a "night watchman state," with police and the military being the only legitimate functions.

    Realist Hawks are nationalists who believe that states pursue their own material interests and are right to do so. They are incapable of distinguishing between the state's interest and their own. Some few are rich enough to actually receive benefits from US foreign policy, but most just root for America in the same way that they might root for a football team.

    Realist Doves, which I am a part of, do not believe that US foreign policy is not grounded in benevolence and does not benefit the people it claims to be helping, but also (generally) that it doesn't benefit the majority of people at home. We see it as being driven by and for class interests, and are opposed to the class it benefits.

    Trump's foreign policy equivocation, and his "America First" slogan allows him to appeal to both the Idealist Doves (libertarians) and the Realist Hawks (nationalists). He can't consistently take any line on any specific thing. If by Afghanistan, you mean a disastrous nation-building exercise, wasteful government spending, and endangering our troops for the sake of helping foreigners, then of course Trump opposes it. But if by Afghanistan, you mean exerting American strength, intimidating Russia and China, and weakening terrorists to keep America safe, then of course Trump supports it.

    In reality, to the extent that Trump has coherent beliefs at all, he is a Realist Hawk, a nationalist, and his record reflects that. But part of the reason he was able to get anywhere was because he was able to triangulate and equivocate well enough to dupe anti-war libertarians.

    Unfortunately, in American politics, the conflict is generally between Idealist Hawks and everyone else. This is part of what allows the nationalists and libertarians to put aside their differences (the other part being that libertarians are easily duped). Realist Doves are not represented anywhere, the Idealist Interventionists consider us Russian bots along with everyone else who disagrees with them on foreign policy (regardless of how or why), the Idealist Doves are extremely unreliable, and the Realist Hawks may see the world in a similar way but have diametrically opposed priorities.

    tl;dr: Trump's halfhearted antiwar posturing is an obvious ruse that only an idiot would fall for, but painting everyone skeptical of US foreign policy with the same brush helps him to sell it and to paint over ideological rifts that could otherwise be potentially exploited.

    shitposting OBJECTION!

    "Soulism" is a dangerous, existential threat to humanity that must be stopped

    What is Soulism? Soulism, also known as anarcho-antirealism, is a school of anarchist thought which views reality and natural laws as unjust hierarchies.

    Some people might laugh at the idea and say it's not a serious ideology, but this is no laughing matter. If these people are successful, then consensus reality would be destroyed and we would return to what the world was like before the Enlightenment. What did that world look like? Well, you had:

    • Ultra-powerful wizards hoarding knowledge in high towers, reshaping reality to their whims, with no regard for the common people

    • Bloodthirsty, aristocratic vampires operating openly, and on a much larger scale than they do today

    • Viscous, rage-driven werewolves terrorizing the populace, massacring entire villages with reckless abandon

    • Fey beings abducting children and replacing them with their own

    • Demons and angels waging massive wars against each other with humans caught in the crossfire

    Fortunately, out of this age of chaos and insecurity emerged a group of scientists dedicated to protecting and advancing humanity by establishing a consensus reality and putting a stop to these out-of-control reality deviants.

    Before, if you got sick or injured, you'd have to travel across the land through dangerous enchanted forests seeking a skilled faith healer or magical healing potion. But with consensus reality, easily accessible and consistent medical practices were instilled with the same magical healing properties. Once, if you wanted to transmute grain into bread, you had to convince a wizard to come out of their tower and do it, and they were just as likely to turn you into a newt for disturbing their studies. But thanks to consensus reality, anyone could build their own magical tower (a "mill") and harness the mana present in elemental air to animate their own "millstones" to do it! These things were only made possible by consensus reality.

    Now, I'm not saying that this approach doesn't have it's drawbacks and failures, and I'm not going to say that the reality defenders have never done anything wrong. But these "Soulists" want to destroy everything that's been accomplished and bring us back to the times when these supernatural reality deviants were more powerful than reason or humanity, and constantly preyed upon us.

    So do not fall for their propaganda, and if you see something, says something. Anyone altering reality through belief and willpower, or any other reality deviants such as vampires or werewolves, should be reported immediately to the Technocratic Union for your safety, the safety of those around you, and, indeed, the safety of reality itself.

    Thank you for your cooperation.