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Two lifelong Republicans leave the GOP in support of trans grandchild
  • The only people I've told were individually rationalized as part of them understanding the potential risks, benefits, and expectations associated with the magnitude of presence I had in their life

    We’re strangers on the internet, what are we going to do? Track you down and get you arrested for a potentially embellished to fake story?

  • The Absolute State of Societal Atomization in the USA
  • There’s also a balance in asking for rent off your child and making it so they basically have no money for themselves.

    My mam likes us all being in the house and we all pay rent to her, but it’s also a payment that is far, far lower than it would be for us all to go out and live on our own.

  • Again !
  • From what I’ve seen it’s usually that Gaijin have something wrong about the vehicle and so people leak actual classified information because they want it to be corrected.

    MilSim people can be an odd bunch sometimes