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Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers’ court win
  • The economy is based on goods and services being exchanged for money. A book is a good that took time and resources to create. A publisher invested into that good with the intent to make a profit, and having it available online for free without their consent circumvents that.

    I'm not saying it's ethical or that I agree with it, I'm just saying it makes sense.

  • Chemicals from East Palestine derailment spread to 16 US states, data shows
  • not a location


    Palestine, officially the State of Palestine, is a country in the southern Levant region of West Asia. It encompasses two disconnected territories — the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, collectively known as the Palestinian territories — within the larger region of Palestine.

  • Corporate astroturfing is the norm

    Went to Google Play to complain about Hulu. I noticed Google advertising that over 300 reviews had the verbatim quote "watch and movies that you love". It's always confusing that buggy corporate apps have >95% 5 star reviews until you see that the majority are just completely fake, and no one cares or is doing anything about it.


    YouTube: 5 ads the norm now?

    For context I'm in the US. The last time I used YouTube without an ad blocker, there were 2 ads back to back, and way too frequently. I tried watching on my PlayStation tonight, and not only are they more frequent, they've increased in quantity by 150%. It's also very common for the last ad to last 2 minutes to over an hour long. What the actual fuck, why would anyone watch YouTube without an ad blocker at this point? It's literally unwatchable

    Edit: the amount of unsolicited advice in the comments is unreal. I don't get ads on my phone or on desktop, I'm very aware of how to block them. I simply won't watch YouTube on my PlayStation anymore. I'm not looking for suggestions, please stop with the recommendations.


    Happy Thanksgiving brothers

    I don't have many people to celebrate with. Part of getting older is celebrating alone, which is sobering and a change of perception. If you're reading this, I hope you're safe. I hope you're with family that loves you, I got you have a friend.

    The world seems dark, but it truly is safer than ever. Don't give into the media my friend. We're truly in a golden age of information sharing, which makes life terrifying but lucid and evolving.


    Play Store Astroterfing

    Has anyone else noticed that the Google Play store reviews are suspicious?

    Like, you find a scam company or app, and every review you scroll through is 1 star. And yet the reviews claim 95%+ are positive.

    Is there a way to prove it? I've noticed it for 3 years now, I no longer think it's a coincidence. Something scummy or scammy is going on


    Is there no way to report ads?

    Lately I've seen some... Questionable ads, to say the least. Is there no way to report these ads on sync?

    If there is, am I just dumb and blind? Or is it easier than it seems?

    It feels like early Reddit all over again to me, hopefully I'm wrong

    For context, Android user, been here a few months, and I opt out of everything that's easy/simple/apparent to opt out of