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Beekeeper Studio [ Community Edition ]

Beekeeper Studio is a cross-platform SQL editor and database manager available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Beekeeper Studio Community Edition is GPL licensed so it is free (libre) and free (gratis).



Gameboy Advance SP [1179x2556]
  • Maybe because i didn't know that. :)

  • What's the difference between a Proton Pass email alias and SimpleLogin?
  • When you create a Proton Pass alias you can manage it using SimpleLogin too, but you can’t see or manage SimpleLogin alias using Proton Pass apps/extensions.

  • [Guide] NextDNS + Proton VPN (WireGuard) + DOH3 on iOS / iPadOS / macOS
  • If only Proton supported this function natively.

    Sadly ProtonVPN gets little love from Proton, by far its most underdeveloped service.

  • Mills [3840x2160]
  • Thank you Crul!

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Sunset [1800x3600]
  • Thank you for the info!

  • We need custom DNS option with DOH Support in ProtonVPN!
  • Update: There is a custom DNS option in ProtonVPN, but it supports only IPV4 and it's only in the Windows client.

  • Problems with 2FA codes in the Browser extension
  • That solved the problem, thank you!

  • Holy shit the new UI update on TestFlight is spectacular
  • It blew my mind, it's just amazing

  • Proton Drive Windows App is out!
  • Mac app is in beta at the moment.

  • Proton Drive Windows App is out!
  • Google does not encrypt your files, AFAIK, and it’s not privacy-friendly.