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Free time [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • I have to get all of my (non money earning) work in the morning before even opening my phone. As soon as the social media gets going my motivation to do anything creative and engaging drops.

    I've tried focusing on creative/artistic communities to try and inspire myself.....but it just doesn't work. I think the passive intake of media ends up scratches the same itch in a much less fulfilling way.

  • Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike leave OpenAI
  • Either 6 months was his required notice, or there was an additional agreement that allowed them to continue for this long. Either way, I'm sure we'll learn nothing else because of an NDA that we also won't learn anything about.

    At least they can go on to do useful things again. I would love to see them working on open source super alignment.

  • obligatory bear post
  • "very often" is hyperbole, but if you've never had/heard of that discussion I would be surprised. But I don't think "men are misunderstanding the question" is a crazy take.

    "who would win in a fight" and "who would you feel more threatened by" are by no means two "random" subjects, they are very closely related in theme and in most situations the answers would be interchangeable. And the conflation of the two closely related topics of conversation was my entire point.

  • obligatory bear post
  • ...........


    The original meme is about women feeling they are less threatened by a bear than a strange man, the bear might leave them alone or not be aggressive where a man would be more likely to. That men can be a threat in different ways.

    Separately men very often discuss what animals they could beat in a fight. This results in a misunderstanding/disconnect between "who would you feel less threatened by" and "who would win in a fight", which I agree is not what the original meme of women "choosing the bear" is about, but it is a very similar dynamic that results in men explaining that you won't win a fight against a bear. Which, again, is not the point of the original meme indicating a feeling that a bear might be less likely to harm or threaten you, which is why it results in people talking past each other. (Kind of like right now...)

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