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What is this bug?
  • Mole cricket i would guess. Was looking online for the difference between a mole and jeruzalem cricket.

    This ; Jerusalem crickets have huge heads and big pincers. and mole crickets have a lower profile and stay closer to the ground, like moles...

  • Got 7 or 8 / 14 rule
  • That makes me a 0 ... ( Depending what he thinks about te stuff I do cook )

    Have been called worser things than a null points. But somehow in this case I see it as a compliment.

  • I m not the depressed one but feel powerless atm.
  • Thank you for the response.

    He is normally a not drinker. So the last few weeks were a bit shocking to see him drink a 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle of whiskey from the bottle. I do hope he will listen about not drinking like that. I don' t mind him having a glass for enjoying... What he doos now is to extreme. But not drinking untill his psych can reagust the meds would be good.

    I know about the good and the bad days. For him now he sees only bad things. My positive words he don't seem to understand. I'm naive, delusional, masochistic and have a form off Stockholmsyndrome. Otherwise I would kick him out.

    I gonna call to ask for faster appointment tomorrow. I cross my fingers cause there not much chance to find a faster empty space in the agenda off the psych.

  • depression_now! Nounka

    I m not the depressed one but feel powerless atm.


    My partner ( M 40 ) is having a lot off troubles at the moment. He has normally pills to help hin out SSRI medicine and also some for ADHD but that doos not do much in my opinion.

    When he started the adhd ones I was hoping we found the problem. Cause he is more than 20 years looking for the right help. Sometimes it is doable, sometimes good... But even with the pills he gets times that it is hurting him to be awake. Normal he also smokes weed to get a bit off the feelings gone.

    Recently he started to drink (wodka/whiskey/rum) yust to be a bit relaxed. Specially when he is without his weed. About a half a bottle a day. Befor he was not a drinker and was always sober.

    This week he got sick and everything that was a bit good seems to be forgotten. It was not a full week that he was what i would call resonanle. It is the 6th time he gets this deep in a few years. That can last weeks.

    He feels incompetent / wast of space / bad example for our son ( 13 ) / negative to be with / should be gone out off our lives / has a cassandracomplex about the earth and society ( pollution, war with russia, monny...) He can not enjoy his hobbies and wants to be dead.

    We talk. I try to make him understand that he is worth a lot to me ( us ) but he sais I need to get me a real man.

    I try to make him do thinks like walking just to be in the sun, move and see light that day but i cant force him.

    I try to talk and make him see that he has a job, a house, us, family... but than he sais he doos love us and that is the reason he has to be gone. Than our life will get good.

    I suggest massages but he feels i should not be bothered. I do. He is my partner.

    I gave stupid tasks before to help him get doing something. Finishing something. Accompliching stuff. But no.

    I m telling that his life did not turn happy after his father died ( when he was about the age off our son now ). That he wiched he could speek to him. Talk, ask questions... but those are wiches and not possible. Waste off time and emotions. He almost can not cry but wendsday he did while talking about his dad and his hate for himself.

    Last time it was bad I adked his mon to tell him more about his dad. He knows a lot about him but i wanted to get him to talk.

    He is seeing a psychologist... Our next apointment is the first week off juli. Seems so far away now.

    If one off you knows a thing i can do. Plx tell me.

    This time I feel so powerless and useless to get him what he needsn

    [Retro Platinum] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989-05-12)
  • My first game. Got it in a package with the 8 bit station. O here were a lot off houres in spent. Could get past the 'save the dam' but never found the right way in the next level...

    Frustrating how manny times you had to go around becouse you missed the jump.

  • pick your side
  • Green = bio / blue = my language / red = math / black = french / black = english / yellow = german / orange = geography / purple = history / other stuff a folder with flowers / stars on it.

    Those colors I used in my last year off high school.

    I will drop death befor I use a pink one.

  • What is your favorite places to visit in Scotland?
  • If I would go there. I want to...

    Stand in loch ness with my feet and have a picture taken.

    Go to one off those ' only whisky ' stores.

    I would go see old castles

    Walking around for the vieuws and hoping there is a bit off wind. Probably wil be singing a song on a higher point just for the romantical idee off doing so.

    Find a pub tho listen to the dudes. And hope they speak scottisch. I like the sound.

    As extra touristy stuff I would like to go to one off those tourist stores with kilts. Your name is Xs . O that sounds like the name off the mcXx there colors are these ones. Buy it?

    And couse i probably would get there via Londen ... Maybe a small stop in Gretna Green... :) hunny if you read this. Hint hint.

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • My partner has it to.

    Sometimes it is a fast. Finger in there. I call it the 'check if this is still female'. It waked me up but nothing more. Frustrates me more than you can immagine.

    There is the longer time having his hand over my tits. Iff he gets to playing with the nippels I start joining. Manuelly getting him hard and during his sleep he still doos the rest.

    Rarely we have the 'wet noodle is lonely'. Tries to hump but... Nothing more. Also waked me up ;(.

    My favorite ( the haha type ) is when he starts talking. 'come fucking' 'frick frick frick' 'now now yes now' 'legs open... fock'. Often it is when he is a bit wilder. Rolling up me and starting the penetration. He speeks often in his sleep btw. Not only for sexxy times.

    My favorite ( the oh yes type ) When it comes to sex and I have fun.

    The next morning I always ask 'When during fucking you woke up?' Sometimes he had the ' i did it again?' Sometimes it is ' somewhere during being inside you. I did xxx. What happened befor ?'

    He always (when he can t remember ) thinks it is sad. He misses a bit off the sexy and nice times between us like that.

    But tbh... I m the one with the bigger sexdrive. An extra turn when it did not happen when going to bed is for me always welcome.

    My partner is 40 and I am 41. We are 13 years together. He has SSRI medication / ADHD stuff and some other medication. Sometimes beta-blockers and atm he takes something that has as a side effect to sleep better. He has often stress at work.
    We were looking if the sexsomnia was stress-related but even when it happend than a bit more. It is not only during those times. We have no ID about a trigger.

    Now it is yust a part off our relation. Could be months without the sleep-fucking and than in one week 3 times.

    We have a good relation. When I found out he has it... We talked. He was upset after hearing what he did and said.