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Senior House Democrats tell Jeffries they're privately calling for Biden to step aside: Sources
  • Out of curiousity, what would happen to the funds if we did have a wealthy replacement?

    Would the donors be refunded a percentage of the money they donated to the Biden campaign? I doubt that money would be locked up and become unusable.

  • What's a good way to respond to someone that you were seeing romantically for ~6 weeks, is loosely in your social circle, and you notice gaslighted you recently?
  • Agreed. Traditionally, "gaslighting" is specific to cases where a manipulator tries to convince the other person that they are crazy over time. The end goal is to make the other person doubt their reality so much that they will only rely on the manipulator. Basically, it's a conscious attempt to brainwash someone.

    This comes from a story where a "husband secretly dims and brightens the indoor gas-powered lighting but insists his wife is imagining it, making her think she is going insane." All so that he can steal from her.

    Unfortunately many today misuse this term to mean something closer to the definition of "lying" or when someone is trying hard to influence you...

  • Facial Recognition Led to Wrongful Arrests. So Detroit Is Making Changes.
  • AI can be very useful, the problem here is humans trusting it to be accurate all the time.

    In this case it should be used to narrow down results, but even then the police need to do their job. They need to do an actual investigation to gather evidence that they have the right person before even attempting to make am arrest.

    Even removing AI from the picture entirely doesn't solve this problem. Just look at wrongful arrests that have been made simply because a wanted criminal has the exact same name as someone else.

  • Joe Biden Hits Back at The New York Times After it Tells Him to Drop Out of Race
  • In most cases, it’s a slam dunk win unless things went really wrong. (say a pandemic)

    I think people are severely overestimating how much of an impact being an incumbent actually has with the final results. In smaller elections this definitely has a big impact, but in the entirety of the US history we've only had 27 presidents run for reelection, and 9 of them have lost.

    That's a ~67% win rate for incumbent presidents, which isn't terrible, but isn't great either, and with a terrible sample size.

  • Shark saved the turtle’s life 😱 #impossible - YouTube
  • Yeah, that shark was definitely trying to eat that turtle...

    Anyway, the top comment from YouTube is useful:

    They put two different clips together. The original is that the turtle was saved from being eaten by the tiger shark, and then after they released the turtle miles away from the shark, the turtle swam down, grabbed a jellyfish or something to eat, and brought it back up to try and “share” his snack with his rescuer. It was adorable. And they showed the entire thing from start to finish in that one, showing it was the same turtle, and the same man right after the rescue.

    • @athenadaudelin1993 [11 days ago]
  • Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes
  • Thanks! It's a good read and I like the idea of a private cloud compute (PCC) system, but that doesn't mention anywhere that ChatGPT will be running in that PCC system (if you were trying to imply that).

    And while OpenAI could implement something similar to PCC, I haven't seen them announce that anywhere either.

  • Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes
  • I'd say the proof is on Apple to show that it's being done on-device or that all processing is done on iCloud servers.

    You're saying that OpenAI is just going to hand over their full ChatGPT model for Apple to set up on their own servers for free?

    But from the article itself:

    the partnership could burn extra money for OpenAI, because it pays Microsoft to host ChatGPT's capabilities on its Azure cloud

    I get it if they created a small version of their LLM to run locally, but I would expect Apple to pay a price even for that.

    I think you may be confusing this ChatGPT integration with Apple's own LLM that they're working on... Again, from the linked article:

    Still, Apple's choice of ChatGPT as Apple's first external AI integration has led to widespread misunderstanding, especially since Apple buried the lede about its own in-house LLM technology that powers its new "Apple Intelligence" platform.

  • Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes
  • What? No. I would rather use my own local LLM where the data never leaves my device. And if I had to submit anything to ChatGPT I would want it anonymized as much as possible.

    Is Apple doing the right thing? Hard to say, any answer here will just be an opinion. There are pros and cons to this decision and that's up to the end user to decide if the benefits of using ChatGPT are worth the cost of their data. I can see some useful use cases for this tech, and I don't blame Apple for wanting to strike while the iron is hot.

    There's not much you can really do to strip out identifying data from prompts/requests made to ChatGPT. Any anonymization of that part of the data is on OpenAI to handle.
    Apple can obfuscate which user is asking for what as well as specific location data, but if I'm using the LLM and I tell it to write up a report while including my full name in my prompt/request... that's all going directly into OpenAIs servers and logs which they can eventually use to help refine/retrain their model at some point.

  • Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes
  • I'm sure you understand this, but anonymized data doesn't mean it can't be deanonymized. Given the right kind of data, or enough context they can figure out who you are fairly quickly.

    Ex: You could "Anonymize" gps traces, but it would still show the house you live at and where you work unless you strip out a lot of the info.

    Now with LLMs, sure, you could "anonymize" which user said or asked for what... but if something identifying is sent in the request itself, it won't be hard to deanonymize that data.

  • They have a point
  • Thanks, I wandered in from "All". Content looks fun in here so I'll subscribe and stick around for a while.

    I still need to watch the latest Netflix adaptation, of the show, it just hasn't been a high priority for me yet.

  • Saved You A Click NotAnotherLemmyUser

    FDA Recalls 4 Popular Sodas Due to Cancer-Causing Chemicals | Pink Lemonade, Cola Flavoring Base, Yellow Lemonade, and Yellow Lemonade X.