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Gamora, while I’m trying to poop
  • And what the hell. Bonus of Gamora’s twin sister Nebula. We used to have different colored collars on them to tell them apart, which of course they fucking hated. But I guess(?) fortunately Nebula got chonky and there’s no mistaking them now. nebula, a chonky gray DSH

  • Atari games I love
  • lol I was an 80s kid who was there when pac man came out on 2600. At the time we were oddly ok with it, but yeah god as an arcade port it shits. All time fav is Adventure. Bonus points for finding what may be the first Easter egg ever in a video game. Man though, I grew up on 2600 and even if it’s real rough now, it was amazing to us kids at the time. Then NES can and stole all our hearts. Thx for posting your favs!

  • People who have those talking buttons for their pet, how long did it take for them to catch on, and do they really work?
  • We got a set of these for our puppy, and she picked up on them pretty quick. We've got walk, food, play, and outside. It's not perfect though. Like she's supposed to hit the walk button when she needs to go potty, but occasionally instead she'll take a shit on the floor and then hit the button. "Look dad I pooped on the floor so we can go outside now!" And I feel like a play button may have backfired cuz she slaps that fucker all day long. I mean they aren't going to train your pet for you but they are a useful tool. I'm much happier that she's smacking the button instead of clawing at the front door.

  • MY2024 Build & Price is live Build Your Ford

    Check out our Ford Bronco® build and price page and start creating your dream vehicle now. Find the perfect specs and features to fit your needs in minutes. We can help you find the perfect vehicle based on your unique preferences.

    0 Another Mid-Year Price Increase as of 07/25/23

    I went on the Bronco B&P and my April 4th invoiced 2 DR BL is just over $2000 more.

    Another Mid-Year Price Increase as of 07/25/23

    I'm very close to already being priced out of the build I bought back in April! But appreciation I guess for owners?


    My 2023 WildTrak

    The Red Yeti. My 2023 Race Red 2-door WildTrak.