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What to do with an acre of grass
  • Goats will eat everything and still look for more to eat.

    Neighbors on both sides of us had goats when I was younger and their backyards were always dry, dirt deserts with only one particular flower they’d never touch because it was poison. Even trees weren’t spared as far as the goat could stand on its hind legs or could pull down.

  • Sim game Life By You canceled after 3 early access delays
  • The screenshots and video on the Steam page doesn’t go into the detail of what you can do when it comes to controlling your Sim-like characters. But this video shows more of that aspect of the game

    Granted, it’s a lot of games in one like other top down tycoon manager games and has some elements of tower defense.

  • What was your worst work mishap, accident, or oopsie?
  • Most recent, but not the absolute worst, was ripping my pants at work. I bent down to pick something up and heard the rip. It was over my crotch region too. Thankfully I had boxers on but was still pretty embarrassed.

    Thankfully my boss was cool about it and I just drove over to Costco down the street and got a new pair and changed in the back of my car. He make a joke when I got back which was fine.

  • NSFW
    Does anyone understand the point of making the penis?
  • Probably because it adds something to the game that is unexpected and creates dialogue around this.

    Kind of like that Dune popcorn bucket. They absolutely knew what they were doing. Everything on the internet is sexualized to death.

    It’s just that CP77 was really poorly received on launch, too much so, that no one made memes about it because people were too busy memeing the horrible performance of the game. But had the launch gone successfully, guaranteed it would have been memed to death and talked about for a long while.

  • Have you ever been punched in the face as an adult? What's the story?
  • I worked with adults with developmental disabilities in my early adult life, specifically those with behavioral issues and some with gang affiliations (some of them may have been on the spectrum or may not have but used our program as a way out of jail/prison).

    I got punched in the chest, spit in the face, threatened with stabbing, and more. I’m sure at some point I was either slapped or punched in the face too.

  • Has anybody noticed that some videos on YouTube will let you out of the app and continue playing in PiP mode on iOS?
  • Been that way for a while on my iPhone and I’ve never had Premium or whatever the fuck YouTube calls their paid subscription now.

    It doesn’t work on music videos or videos that are for the music, like music with an album art in the background unless YouTube hasn’t categorized it correctly.

  • Used EV prices fall below gas-powered cars for the first time
  • In my area, a lot of used EV vehicles are and have been cheaper than ICE vehicles. The Nissan Leaf immediately comes to mind, being at or well below $3k USD for 5+ year old vehicles. The very low range has likely been a huge part of that, some not even seeming to go above 50 miles of range.

    The Tesla 3’s always seem to be coming down in price. You can find them at around $20k or just below with these not even being much above 50k miles on the vehicle. I found a Model X with 100k miles last week that was just below $15k.

  • Human missions to Mars in doubt after astronaut kidney shrinkage revealed
  • With the current technology that we have, it would be that way where you get there but it will be difficult to impossible to get back, relatively speaking. But we’ve been at work to try to not make that a reality for those visiting the planet.

    This is one of the reasons why the rockets from SpaceX are so valuable in that they can land the same way they take off. Because with other rockets, we’d need a situation like we had on the moon during the Apollo years where a ship orbits the planet and waits for a separate landing ship to come back which is a waste of fuel and cuts down on the potential time that can be spent on the planet as well as resources that would be consumed and need to replenished and also waste of humans waiting in orbit instead of being part of the ground crew.

    While that technology is now here, there is still much testing that still needs to be done to ensure safety is there.

    What you may also be thinking of is the time in which it takes for a ship to travel between the earth and mars. At its shortest, the trip could be as little as 6 months, but is more as both planets orbit the sun further away from each other, so we are trying to find a time that works with that orbiting schedule as well so it doesn’t have to be a one way trip and they can get there and come back in a reasonable amount of time while having enough resources to last the journey.

  • How to reset a locked iPad?
  • Went through this at work and we owned the device and it was a nightmare. They make you wait like 6 weeks for a single email that never came to us and we ended up forgetting about it by the time the 6 weeks was up.

  • What is a MDM? Can it be wiped off, or is it ingrained in the motherboard?
  • Yeah I’d be suspect of it for that reason. I just now noticed that you said you’re looking and this isn’t a device you currently have. I was thinking you already got this device.

    For that reason, I’d recommend against this. Like where I work, when we retire devices, we remove them from our MDM and the same goes for other businesses and school districts. The only (semi) legitimate reasoning I could see for this not being the case is if the business went under out of the blue and the IT just up and left and they and users just grabbed devices on their way out.

    Still likely not a legitimate case as those devices may need to be part of liquidation, etc.

    But generally these are cases where someone stole the device from an employee like out of their car or the employee stole it from work, either taking it without authorization or not properly returning it when their employment is done, etc. and those cases wouldn’t be favorable to you if you had the device too.

    I’d say skip this one and look for another machine instead.

  • If Hitler was captured, what would have been his punishment in the Nuremberg Trials?

    This is assuming he’d have been found guilty for leading the Nazi government like others were.

    Edit: of course it would likely be death, but was wondering what specific means of death would have been carried out for him.


    What would the inverse of what we have now in the atmosphere be like?

    Just curious what an inverted reality of ours would be like, where instead of having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creating glasshouse gas effect, what would the inverse be like where we don’t have enough carbon dioxide in our atmosphere? What would the climate of earth be like?

    iPhone NoneYa

    Anyone else having issues with the 80% charging on 15?

    I enabled that new setting to limit charging to 80% and it’s worked well so far but every once in a while, I catch the phone charging to above 80%. Like right now, my phone is saying it’s at 85% despite the 80% limit being enabled. I confirmed in the settings it’s still enabled and didn’t somehow get disabled.

    Anyone else experiencing the same?

    Mine is the iPhone 15 Pro 512GB


    How to remove smell from lunch box?

    I have this lunch box that is huge but works really well for me. I made a mistake a few weeks ago by leaving rotten food in it over the weekend and the stench is unbearable.

    This lunch box has a removable interior made of some kind of plastic so I removed it and soaked it in warm water and dish soap for 48 hours in the sink and then I scrubbed the interior with a sponge.

    When I got done, it still smelled like rotten food! I also cleaned the lid which isn’t removable but made of the same material. But just used the sponge on it.

    Sticking my head inside is where I smell it most, so I think it’s the removable tub.

    I also tried teabags as I heard of something like this with smelly shoes, but now my lunch box smells like feet lol.

    So I’m at a loss. I love this box and don’t want to trash it. It was hard finding one like it.

    Anything else I can try?

    Edit: thanks for the suggestions! I forgot to mention that I did put some vinegar and baking soda in last night and kept the lid closed. I’ll leave it this way until tomorrow night and see.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


    Is there a “proper“ way to say “6:05 AM”?

    I noticed that I and Alexa say “six ‘oh’ five a m”, but is that the correct way of saying the time? Specifically the “oh” part?

    Kind of like when speaking out a phone number, how we might say “my number is one two three, six ‘oh’ six…” but really, that’s not an “oh” like the letter O even though it looks like an O, but everyone knows the person is saying “six zero six”, which is the proper way of saying that.

    Edit: thanks for all the answers everyone! This was just pure curiosity for me but I really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses and learning some new things!