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Children as young as 7 'arrested' by German police at Gaza demos
  • German here. This is 99% sure fake news. German police is only able to even touch kids at that age to take them back to their parents. Kids up to 14 are executively immune from the law. The source is also kind of iffy. The right to protest is also enshrined in German law. As long as they are not violent they can protest all day long.

  • When did you (literally or figuratively) dodge a bullet?
  • Imprisoned guy here. This reads like my life story of the last 10 years. Funnily enough I realized all the abusive shit, but the dick still thought love was possible although I knew how a real relationship feels. Sadly the dick also decided to have another two kids to the accidental in the mix so I'm in prison for at least the next 20 years.

    Edit: loving the hell out of the kids though, gotta protect them from becoming like mom.

  • Fact check: Donald Trump's RNC speech featured numerous falsehoods
  • A delusion is a false fixed belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence.

    It's worse than that. You wouldn't make him believe even if you show him factual evidence. The elephant is red even if it's standing on how chest. It's a conspiracy you know. My dad was like that, after a certain point, you can't helpp those people. But you should keep them out of government.

  • Best way to get rid of my stuff?
  • Take a long walk through a beautiful forest, take in all the greenery and fresh air and maybe reconsider. Life is precious. You can always sell all your stuff and just leave. Ever wanted to live as a backpacker? Just go wherever you want and the road takes you.

  • How do I make enough money to live?
  • I'm surprised nobody mentioned that yet: talk to your boss. Do you have a good relationship? If he wants to keep a motivated good worker, he might be able to do something for you.

    Also: food banks.

  • Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • Modular solution. Big NAS for backup and file and media serving shuts down when I go to bed automatically or nobody is home. Boots via WOL when needed.

    Always on services on a central pi for home automation, phone and internet services, etc.

  • First Aid Products Germany



    solar punk centered movies

    We just had a thread about biopunk centered media, I would love a similar collection about movies and TV shows about solar punk. Here we go:

    I really loved the show the peripheral. I know it's not really centered around solar punk per se, but it happens to be placed in a world where the main character goes from place to place in a solar charged e-bike.

    What's your favorite show or movie set in a solar punk world?


    obey the testing goat!

    Just started reading and I am already planning to switch over to extreme test driven development. We don't test nearly enough.

    Whats your preferred development strategy? And comparably good sources you would recomment?


    do you know hypothesis / quickcheck?

    We use this primarily for input generation for dialog tests.

    Its a quickcheck implementation and found us quite alot of "weird" bugs. Like a not-exactly matching encoding of database and application.

    Now we gained clean utf smileys in text fields m)

    Highly recommend it.


    Top django packages on pypi

    This post is a little older, but I was surprised how many packages are timeless allstars. I use all of them except for

    • cors headers
    • extensions
    • storages
    • pytest
    • environ

    Which do you use? And for what reasons? For example I need to look into pytest and determinw whats better about that than the natively used test framework.

    First post in the new community,



    shiitake Grow set, identification request

    Shiitake Grow set produced an unusually big mushroom instead of many small ones. Is this really shiitake? Based on my google foo it is highly likely.