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Maybe it was someone from the future.
  • There's an interesting theory that Hitler was put in place by time travelers as the last-bad option that wouldn't destroy the timeline.

    Hitler (and Trump) made a number of blundering errors that any idiot should've/known better than to make. Had a competent, or even a supervillain-type been in charge, things could've turned out even worse than they did. You don't have to look far- some of these villains attach themselves to those in power. Himmler and Heydrich would've been far worse for the world, but were somewhat limited by not being the ones directly in power.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of Twitter/X ad boycott perpetrators
  • While I would generally agree with that statement (and gave you an up vote for it), I feel like Musk twisted that away from any normal business move.

    For instance, many customers aren't paying for premium features. Rather, they were extorted into paying, because their professional lives depend on it.

    And even after all that, it's not like it's catering to users on any level. No one is saying that Twitter is better now. Well, no one except the Russian bots and the Nazis.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of Twitter/X ad boycott perpetrators
  • When a business blames its customers for choosing to no longer be its customers, it's a sure sign the business is declining. Depending on the severity, it's often a sign the business is failing.

    This applies here, as well as any time you see an article that millennials are killing <business/industry/etc>. It also applies when an entertainer blames their (potential) audience for not enjoying their work. See Jerry Seinfeld, Kid Rock, etc.

    No one owes your business any patronage.

  • Donald Trump Suffers Triple Polling Blow in Battleground States
  • Just FYI, 538 today is not the same as it was when they became noteworthy. Nate Silver left the company (and its parent, Disney). He also took his models with him, since those were merely licensed (unlike the name/company).

    The new 538 is being run by a guy with very questionable models.

  • Donald Trump gets bad news about Kamala Harris
  • There are a number of them being floated right now. If Biden had dropped out a year ago, they would've had a traditional competition in the primary. Then we would've all gotten complacent and assumed we had it made, and we'd end up in 2016 again.

    But to directly answer your question, the names I see being floated the most are CA gov Newsom, MI gov Whitmer, KY gov Beshear, and PA gov Shapiro. And yes, switching to any of them would be difficult and risky.

  • Planning to propose in a few months, what should I look for in a good value engagement ring?
  • The surprise shouldn't be that you're about to propose. The surprise should be in how you choose to propose.

    Unless the ring's details are part of the surprise (which they could be, if it's meaningful to the couple), clear and open communication should be preferred

  • The UAW’s federal monitor twice pressured the union to back off its call for Gaza ceasefire, then launched an investigation
  • A much better question is why does the government (by way of its appointed monitor) think they have a say on the matter? IANAL, but this seems like a pretty clear violation of the first amendment right to free speech. This is especially true as a result of Citizens United, as bad as the ruling was.

  • How do I make enough money to live?
  • Vegetarian can be cheaper, but isn't a guarantee. If you are eating processed foods like single serving meals, the vegetarian options are often more expensive for the same quality.

    Cooking yourself, from scratch, would save a lot more money. Plus it actually is cheaper to use veggies.

  • Ohio court: It’s up to drivers, not prosecutors, to prove they weren’t illegally texting behind the wheel
  • The main problem with this is that there's literally zero way to prove this, one way or the other. There are no logs with that level of detail, nor is there a (usable) timestamp of the observed infraction.

    The best you could do is show that you did not send a text message, or a Facebook post, etc. Not only does this fail any chain of custody concerns (since you can't get a certified copy from an independent party), it's also trying to (impossibly) prove a negative.

    Even if you could, that's still not good enough. You have to show, conclusively, that you were doing something explicitly allowed.

    Go ahead and try to show that you even skipped a song in your preferred music player, let alone when.

  • Could this be the end of the GOP supermajority in Ohio's legislature?
  • It wasn't that long ago that Ohio was a clear swing state. While Republicans have always had an edge, it was not uncommon to see various offices/etc flip blue. While this alone won't bring those days back, it's also not an impossible task.

  • How do you better tolerate caffeine?
  • Then why do you need to tolerate it better?

    There's something missing in this ask. If you don't handle a food very well, you simply avoid/reduce it. Whether it's caffeine, an allergy, or whatever.

    Why do you need to change your body's reaction? Why not just switch to decaf or other drinks?