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What's a good and non patronising way to help my neighbour out

My neighbour has a cat called Stevie. Stevie hangs out with us a lot and we look after him when my neighbour is away.

Yesterday we found Stevie very unwell in our garden. We took him to the neighbour and she immediately rushed him to the vet.

She mentioned the vet was 200 dollars which was a big unexpected expense for her. Her son's birthday is on Monday and she won't be able to do anything for his birthday now.

My wife and I are fortunate enough for 200 dollars to not be a lot of money for us and we want to help, but I'm unsure how.

One option would be that we leave her a little card with 100 dollars and write that we wanted to help because we care about Stevie too.

Another idea is we ask her to do some gardening for us (that's her job, and we're too busy to do it ourselves right now).

I don't want her to feel patronised or awkward about any of this... Happy to take insights.

We finally get bike lanes on Great North Road 'Perfect must not be the enemy of good': Great North Rd finally gets its cycleway

Auckland Transport has approved a controversial street upgrade in Grey Lynn.

I literally can not wait for this. Cycling there is so awful.

Suck a shame they don't do a town centre upgrade. The Grey Lynn shops could use some love.

The horrendous price of campervan rentals

First of all I'm not a tourist coming here to complain about NZ!

But I have some friends from overseas visiting, and holy heck how do people afford to come to holiday here... 12k for a motorhome for three weeks! And that's excluding insurance.

With the price of a new motorhome, surely they're making obscene profits on these?

hiking Noedel
Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

Went her as a side trip on the Rees Dart track from Queenstown. It was a pretty grueling ascent from the hut, climbing almost 1000 metres on scree and rocks. The 18 km round trip took us quite a while!

This hike (5 days total) was absolutely stunning.

0 Migrant workers being exploited, Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau says

Dozens of migrant workers are being exploited by Queenstown employers who are not meeting the minimum conditions required by their visas, the Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau says.

How do I tell my neighbours the windows in their bathroom are not frosted enough?

Neighbours recently had their home remodelled, which involved them putting new glazing in their bathroom. The glass is not frosted enough and there's a lot to see.

They are large windows too, starting at knee hight. How do I bring this up?

Bonus points if someone can tell me why this community keeps showing my subscription as pending.

impeccable views

Should be some snow capped volcanos there somewhere....

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