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What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • She has a video on YT on her own channel about that. Pretty sure the problem is the... negativity against her. She appeared in one or two LTT videos for a brief moment though. And there is at least one video by her on floatplane. But I am not following anything actively so that is the only info I have.

  • What is your favourite game with native Linux port?
  • Weirdly, years ago when I last played it, I had to use proton because of performance problems. I have it in the backlog for for quite some time again already and hope I can use it natively with all its glory in 4k now.

  • An immersive LED walled night club
  • I think that is only for demonstration of the refresh rate and colors. I can imagine it being used to "place" the room stationary in specific places. Like to watch animals in africa or fish underwater. Or on a mountain for the view.

  • Valve faces a £656 million lawsuit in the UK for 'overcharging 14 million PC gamers'
  • As a "theoretical hobby game dev": steam also provides workshop, networking and matchmaking (lobby) tools. For all the stuff you get I personally find this reasonable. If I remember correctly, mobile phone app stores take a big cut too and I can't see how they would come close.

    Edit: cloud saves, (proton), dlc handling

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • I reinstalled from scratch. Went from Xubuntu to minimal Ubuntu with KDE de. And then tried wayland again. One the one hand, gaming performance went up by a lot which was basically my main issue.

    On the other side it is buggy af. The file manager fails mostly at moving files. There are random graphical glitches. Had the whole DE crash/lock up a couple times And the tabbing/tasbar handling is (still) not what I want. I also have still not found out why zfs automount does not trigger.

    But at least I have something useable again!

  • Developer posts secret key on GitHub, loses $40K in 2 minutes
  • I never understood why everyone uses it as a ignore list. In my own and work repositories I always exclude everything by default and re-add stuff explicitly. I have had enough random crap checked in in the past by coworkers. Granted, the whole source folder is fully included but that has never been a problem.

  • Glad I was too dumb to finish college...
  • I had a teacher that taught both religion and chemistry. People who learned about that often made comments about it being weird. But he insisted that both topics are not exclusive to each other. It has been a long time since school but I think his reasoning (if that is the correct word) has been that one is philosophical and the other scientific which are separate worlds. You can't prove stuff in faith scientifically but neither has religion a place in the " real" world. And, to be completely honest, he was by far one of the best teachers I have ever had.

  • So here's a story of, by far, the weirdest bug I've encountered in my CS career.
  • Yeah, if you get this exception and not doing anything not-"normal" then the chance is high that there are multiple versions of the same class. A possible way to trigger this is when extracting code to a separate module without changing the package. If you copy instead of move and change something you will have a bad time. It is also possible that the IDE complains but building and executing works.

    Fun times!

  • Feedback

    Thank you for making this app! It feels like an adequate alternative to liftoff, but I am having some (usability) problems. Could be a "me"-problem, though, since I am still getting the hang of the app and also the wall of settings it provides.

    • I cannot subscribe to any community. The button does vanish for a split second but just reappears. Tried it on multiple, but never worked.
    • I am using the left-handed setting. But the "preview" popup of a link has the buttons inconveniently on the right.
    • I can't find out to jump to "all" or "local" posts of a specific instance.
    • Up/downvotes are on the left, but comment count on the right. Would be cool, if there was an option to have them together.
    • default up/downvote color is inverted from my point of view (up is red, down is blue). Would be cool, if there was a simple switch button without having to pick the opposite colors manually.
    • Drafts are saved but I can't find them. A menu in the composing-post would be cool.
    • Something else, I currently can't remember.

    Thank you!

    Edit: oh, it would be cool, if "save post" could be pulled out from the submenu beneath a post or comment.


    • the community-popup (button on top left) has a weird "back"-history. A popup should be always first to close. Also it should be modal since you interact with everything in the background and can't close it tapping outside.
    • settings are weirdly bugged if you return from a category back to main. If i use the button on top left, everything works. But when I use the system back button, I cannot click on any category anymore. Though, I can still scroll.