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Nima Nima
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  • for half a second I wasn't sure what instance this was. lol

  • Dragonfly [Midjourney]
  • you know? thats a great point. i agree. =D much improved fire breathing design.

  • Work in (checks notes) Finished! Stitch finished!
  • whoaaaa. i absolutely love this. my favorite part is the super gentle color change of the light on the ground from the street light.

    absolutely beautiful! i am a huge totoro fan so this is lovely to see!

  • Dragonfly [Midjourney]
  • i think a lot of dragons seem to be drawn/animated with some kinda... tube? like in the mouth or under the tongue for fire breathing.

    midjourney is like "fuckit. fire squirting tongue"

  • Borderlands 2 improved on everything I liked from B1
  • i am sorry that was your experience, but mine wasn't quite that terrible. i had a lot of fun with the goofiness. I hate some characters, but i love others.

    I had such a fun time with the single player campaign and i absolutely love DLC. and multiplayer is always amazing.

    just two different experiences.

  • le kirby
  • oh

  • Oscar the Flea
  • thats one hell of a FLAa.

  • How Romance And Relationships Work In Dragon Age: The Veilguard
  • while I do enjoy hearing the updates and i am extremely excited for Veilguard, I feel they might be talking about it too much and could potentially over-reveal things that might be better off discovered by players.

  • Nintendo has DMCA’ed Sudachi’s GitHub
  • i can go to thousands of places and download yuzu right now. without even trying.

    they are doing nothing but wasting their own time and giving their own brand a poor image in the process.

  • Sudachi Switch emulator repository was DMCAed by Nintendo.
  • what a bunch of buffoons. nintendo are a bunch of babies.

  • Borderlands 2 improved on everything I liked from B1
  • i disagree. i think people come down way too hard on BL3. it does suffer in a few writing areas, but the game is an absolute blast.

    i am a huge fan of borderlands and BL3 is a good game. at least try it.

  • Blue Moon
  • this is such a cool one. well done.

  • Steam deck triple monitor setup with the official dock
  • in my experience the official dock has trouble with just one monitor. i couldn't imagine trying to configure 3.

    when i boot into desktop mode with the official dock, there's a 50-50 chance that it just doesn't load the image at all on the monitor and i have to take it off the dock and just use desktop in handheld mode.

    maybe a better splitter or connection could do it. but the official dock seems to have a lot of issues with USB inputs in general.

  • Here on Voyager Isle [OC Edit]
  • this is my favorite instance on the fediverse. I'm not even kidding. i absolutely love it here.

    this is awesome and you did indeed nail it.

  • Truly independent web browser
  • edit omg I'm sorry I was replying to the wrong comment. they got me fucked up. lol

    I'm with you. i see this a lot in the lgbt community and nobody calls them out on it.

  • When pigs fly
  • he is a happy guy. and i dig that. 👍

  • noplace, a mashup of Twitter and Myspace for Gen Z, hits No. 1 on the App Store
  • we? i am fairly sure most people know how to use social media without being consumed by it.

    Not everyone that uses social media is making a mistake.

  • I love this wizard bot
  • i like him. ☺️