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  • Ich möchte dazu anmerken, dass das in Italien hauptsächlich auf dem (sehr guten) Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetz vorkommt. Sobald man eine Reise abseits davon hat, ist Überpünktlichkeit auch nicht mehr die Norm.

  • hey fix your ruleing website
  • At the risk of sounding stupid giving a serious answer to a joke question; I don't know the details but lemmy might not work, because the 3DS doesn't support the ciphers lemmy uses. Other sites might work, because they support older ciphers for backwards compatibility. A reason why lemmy might not want to support those is, that it could give attackers an opportunity to "hijack" your login because they can decrypt what you're sending to lemmy. If you just wanna browse lemmy anonymously tho, you should be able to do that, yes

  • Classic Microsoft
  • I haven't modded as of yet but I started off with Java and am now a C# Dev and the transition wasn't too hard since most of the same principles apply to both languages. Unity games, that are often written in C# to me are the most moddable ones, especially considering that there's a ecosystem for Unity mods out of the box

  • Stumbled upon this from another community, do you agree?
  • I had only very friendly reactions to speaking okay French in Paris which goes against everything I expected. It happened multiple times that people spoke English to us and we answered in French because they forgot we were able to speak it but they obviously didn't mean to be rude with it, much thr opposite. Maybe I just ran into some very foreigber friendly servers etc.

  • Mushrooms swapped for tampons among bizarre UK supermarket substitutions

    Which? survey finds a third of online supermarket shoppers have been given a substitution

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