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non vegan pizza time
  • Calling someone a bloodmouth for literally eating things with blood might hurt their feelings, but vegans have feelings too, and sometimes we're upset at the idea that moderates can't be bothered to give enough of a shit to stop literally shoveling blood into their mouths.

    This is something I seriously hate from people like you, you expect vegans to be these bastions of angelic perfection. We already go through the effort of being vegans in a non-vegan world, but that's not enough, we have to make sure we do it in a way that don't effect the delicate sensibilities of people who pay to consume tortured animal carcasses.

    The goal shouldn't be to try to de-radicalize vegans for expressing their discomfort around literal abuse that's normalized in our society. The goal should be to get rid of the abuse.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • While the civil rights movement was largely "peaceful" (loaded word with little meaning), it was also incredibly disruptive. People in the movement were very rude to moderates who advocated in favor of negative peace while reaffirming their appreciation of the status-quo.

    MLK's position here was not that the people within the civil rights movement needed to be more respectful to white moderates. His position was that the moderates were the issue. The people who consistently advocated for negative peace were the issue.

    The leaders of vegan movements also don't generally go around attacking the moderates of our time who appreciate the status-quo and advocate for negative peace. There are individuals that do attack moderates, just like there were individuals in the civil rights movement who literally physically assaulted white moderates (much worse than calling someone a cheese-breather and having their feelings get a bit hurt). Again, MLK did not draw attention to these fringe cases because the actual issue were the moderates themselves. Some might even say the racists deserved to be beaten, and that's not even something I would necessarily argue against.

    Veganism is the same. The issue is not the people who are a bit rude online to bloodmouths/carnists. The issue is the moderates themselves, their constant advocacy for negative peace in place of positive peace needs to be shut down unequivocally.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • It goes to show how much we purposefully disregard the ways of nature, actually.

    Moral decisions are not made on the grounds of "is this natural"? A lot of things are moral and unnatural, and a lot of things are immoral and natural. It should be incredibly easy for you to think of examples, but if you're really struggling I can give some.

    They're orthogonal discussions.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • MLK actually alienated white moderates to about the same degree that vegans alienate carnists. It was only retroactively, after the civil rights movement, that white moderates pretended like they were aligned with him all along. In 1966 MLK was polling in the low 30s among white Americans.

    I'm sure future moderates/apoliticals will do the same with veganism. Lab grown meat will become a thing, we'll outlaw our barbaric practices of animal torture and slaughter, and those future generations will look back with horror at how savage we were, and all the moderates will proclaim proudly that "I would've been a vegan if I was born in the late 20th/early 21st century", and they would be almost always wrong.

    It's similar to everyone's modern position on slavery. If you polled the majority of the population "would you be an abolitionist if you were born in the early/mid 19th century?", you'll get the vast majority of people saying they would've been, but the vast majority of people were not, and its not like we had some evil gene in us that got naturally selected out of us. People were just normalized in that environment. People today are just generally incorrect about what the impact of normalization would've been on them in the past (or even what the impact of it is on them today).

  • non vegan pizza time
  • MLK said it best, so I'll just quote him directly:

    I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.”

    When moderates advocate for "kindness" or "civility", they're advocating for negative peace; the absence of tension. Vegans advocate for positive peace; the presence of justice. When activists advocate for positive peace, in the face of those who deny said justice, tensions rise and moderates fall back to this common trope.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • Your mistake here was saying "puppies" too early. You have to lead with a couple paragraphs of how you're a flexitarian who has a farm and humanely raised animals like pets and then slaughters and feed them to your family.

    Then list off the animals you exploit, cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, cats and ducks. Then their brain gets hit with the dissonance of "wait why did I support this and then stop the second they said 'dog'?" That jarring experience can work for the intellectually honest type.

    Saying it too early means they can categorize your post as satire easily and not engage with it at all mentally.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • This is an interesting theory, but I think you're just wrong on several counts. There are definitely permanently online people who don't do anything in the real world, but out of the groups you listed, vegans and MAGA members almost universally have material impact on the world (socialists and antivaxers would like to, but their impact is usually hyper-localized, so you'll find more "only-online" types).

    For vegans and MAGA, there is real direct action that they partake in as buy-in for the group. For the former, it's abstaining from animal products, and for the latter it's voting for Trump.

    Claiming most vegans or MAGA people aren't motivated to improve things for their cause is demonstrably false. An interesting theory nonetheless.

    I'll mention just so my biases are clear, I'm a vegan socialist, but I don't think i was unfair here in favor of those positions.

  • “Complete Dehumanization”: Israel Killed Over 800 Palestinians in 11 Days
  • They've already bombed the vast majority of Gaza and resettled people, and the next step is almost certainly another expansion of the settler state of Israel.

    Most of the millions of people that live in Gaza have been resettled into a very small area. Whether Israel decides to nuke them or force them into neighboring countries as refugees is irrelevant to their end goal of settling the territory. The Palestinians are just "rats" that need to be removed.

    I'm sure they'd prefer to nuke them and just get rid of their problem once and for all; a final solution of sorts. However they do have limited political capital in this conflict, and nuking the remaining civilians does have the potential to negative impact U.S-Isrsel relations. So there's a real chance they opt for just pushing the "human animals" out of the territories.

  • “Complete Dehumanization”: Israel Killed Over 800 Palestinians in 11 Days
  • The end goal is near-total eradication of the natives. Similar to native americans in the U.S. Israel is a settler state, much like the U.S was, and actively drove the natives out of their homes. They're almost done though, we're seeing some of the final acts of the ethnic cleansing/genocide.

    Once there are barely any left, they'll feign sympathy to garner support, and that'll be that. Another win for imperialist settler states. Nothing unique or special about it.

  • University Students
  • Yup this is the real world take IME. Code should be self documenting, really the only exception ever is "why" because code explains how, as you said.

    Now there are sometimes less-than-ideal environments. Like at my last job we were doing Scala development, and that language is expressive enough to allow you to truly have self-documenting code. Python cannot match this, and so you need comments at times (in earlier versions of Python type annotations were specially formatted literal comments, now they're glorified comments because they look like real annotations but actually do nothing).

  • He can be president but he can’t be a nurse: The jobs Trump can’t get with felony convictions
  • I don't think the person you're responding to is a Trump supporter. I think they're critiquing the vast amounts of political energy people put into supporting and justifying a genocidal state and its leaders.

    Your entire comment exemplifies this perfectly. There's obviously a lot of time and effort you've put into forming your electoral views, and you obviously spend a good deal of time going around, at the very least online, trying to inform people how to make better decisions inside the electoral sphere.

    This is exactly what electoralism tries to drive in people. The expenditure of political capital within acceptable bounds. Before electoralism/liberal democracies, political capital accumulated and was then spent on strikes, riots, or revolutions. Things that are much more effective at driving change per political capital spent.

    There are literally millions of people like you in America that could all immediately stop all your expenditure of political capital and it would make actually no material difference. That's a beautiful thing about electoralism (for those in power), the thing that matters is the differential, not the total expenditure. This is why "swing states" exist.

    I'll put it into concrete terms, imagine the amount of electorally active individuals in America was immediately cut in half. The population remains the same, but exactly half of the current voting population stops voting. Assume all ratios remain the same. There'd be fundamentally no difference in material outcomes.

    Now imagine if all current political capital was spent towards strikes, unions, revolution, or really any form of politics outside electoralism. Doubling or halfing this engagement would be massive. Real material outcomes would be different if there were thousands more strikes. What doesn't matter is if the voting population is 150 million, 90 million, or 10 million. Only the differential matters, and only for determining a fixed binary outcome.

  • The American People
  • Until the tankies seize power and start killing the anarchists for being anti-state xd

    Not all tankies would do this, but it's happened before and it's good to be cautious around those who want supreme authority, even if they claim it's just "temporary". If we see the Chinese state wither away and give rise to a truly communist society, I'll be genuinely surprised.

  • ‘No way out without bloodshed’: the right believe the US is under threat and are mobilizing
  • Weird thing about this group of fascists is they're particularly old. Most previous fascist revolutions have been from younger(ish) people, like 25-50, as opposed to the literally geriatric Trump supporters. Unless the fascists figure out how to capture the youth, this is just reactionaries getting loud before they finally die off.

  • How Trump's deny-everything strategy could hurt him at sentencing
  • Presidents are above the law while they're in office. This case is unique because it happened before he was in office. The message that will really be sent is "wait until you're actually president to do would-be illegal shit".

    Still worth handing him a harsh sentence, just to put the orange fascist fuck behind bars, but there shouldn't be any misconceptions about some true notion of justice here. Trump is just a moron, and didn't know how to play the game correctly.

  • Take-Two CEO: The idea that AI will make everyone unemployed is 'the stupidest thing I've ever heard'
  • If you didn't have an agenda/preconceived idea you wanted proven, you'd understand that a single study has never been used by any credible scientist to say anything is proven, ever.

    Only people who don't understand how data works will say a single study from a single university proves anything, let alone anything about a model trained on billions of parameters across a field as broad as "programming".

    I could feed GPT "programming" tasks that I know it would fail on 100% of the time. I also could feed it "programming" tasks I know it would succeed on 100% of the time. If you think LLMs have nothing to offer programmers, you have no idea how to use them. I've been successfully using GPT4T for months now, and it's been very good. It's better in static environments where it can be fed compiler errors to fix itself continually (if you ever look at more than a headline about GPT performance you'd know there's a substantial difference between zero-shot and 3-shot performance).

    Bugs exist, but code heavily written by LLMs has not been proven to be any more or less buggy than code heavily written by junior devs. Our internal metrics have them within any reasonable margin of error (senior+GPT recently beating out senior+junior, but it's been flipping back and forth), and senior+GPT tickets get done much faster. The downside is GPT doesn't become a senior, where a junior does with years of training, though 2 years ago LLMs were at a 5th grade coding level on average, and going from 5th grade to surpassing college level and matching junior output is a massive feat, even if some luddites like yourself refuse to accept it.

  • Take-Two CEO: The idea that AI will make everyone unemployed is 'the stupidest thing I've ever heard'
  • In my line of work (programming) they absolutely do not have a 52% failure rate by any reasonable definition of the word "failure". More than 9/10 times they'll produce code at at least a junior level. It won't be the best code, sometimes it'll have trivial mistakes in it, but junior developers do the same thing.

    The main issue is confidence, it's essentially like having a junior developer that is way overconfident for 1/1000th of the cost. This is extremely manageable, and June 2024 is not the end all be all of LLMs. Even if LLMs only got worse, and this is the literal peak, it will still reshape entire industries. Junior developers cannot find a job, and with the massive reduction in junior devs we'll see a massive reaction in senior devs down the line.

    In the short term the same quality work will be done with far, far fewer programmers required. In 10-20 years time if we get literally no progress in the field of LLMs or other model architectures then yeah it's going to be fucked. If there is advancement to the degree of replacing senior developers, then humans won't be required anyway, and we're still fucked (assuming we still live in a capitalist society). In a proper society less work would actually be a positive for humanity, but under capitalism less work is an existential threat to our existence.

  • Gamers aged 55+ account for almost a third of gamers now, and that share is on the rise.
  • Not all gamers are triple A gamers. I'd call myself an avid gamer (I used to put in easily 80 hour weeks gaming, now it's almost always lower, but I'll still go on gaming binges during long vacations or holidays).

    The vast, vast majority of my time has been WoW and LoL. I have played other games throughout the years, but usually in the same genres (mmo/moba).

    A lot of these games have entry fees of below $70. Right now most of my gaming time is cata classic, and that requires $15 a month. Over time that will obviously add up, but everything adds up overtime, and $15 a month is not prohibitively expensive for most people. Also it's really only $15 for the first month, just by leveling in cata classic to max you make enough to buy a wow token, and can easily pay $0 a month every month by just using in game currency.