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Will Buxton claims Daniel Ricciardo may be in 'negotiations' with Williams amidst RB exit rumours
  • My wild guess is that Ocon ends up without a seat. He has the skills but not many teams are going to want someone who will willingly damage another team car for a marginal position.

  • The world deserves to see this
  • That would include an entirely new cast

  • re:AMP music player
  • I prefer Deezer and Demix. Need that flac

  • may you have a wonderful day
  • Too bad we can't put that full text into a generator.

  • Hackers stole 340,000 Social Security numbers from government consulting firm
  • Aww for fuck's sake! I was just getting around to changing mine.

  • may you have a wonderful day
  • Did the Tibetan monks provide ya any clarityยฟ

  • may you have a wonderful day
  • Who occupied it in yours?

  • may you have a wonderful day
  • This was in a dream I had

  • Have you ever been to a movie so terrible that you saw people leaving the theater? Which one was it?
  • I stayed as well as most of the audience but when I sat for Kill Bill, at least 10 people got up and walked out when O-Ren Ishii took the head off Tanaka.

  • IT support work be like
  • If PEBKAC, problem solved, right?

  • IT support work be like
  • That is a good one too, I've had the same result using that one but also they will occasionally state that their different sockets from the same circuit.

  • IT support work be like
  • I've used the, unplug it, touch the ends of the plug with your fingers to release the static on the line ans plug it back in line more times than I care to count.

  • What DID Apple innovate?
  • You aren't wrong.

  • What DID Apple innovate?
  • I'd argue that Sony held a cult like following prior to Apple's resurgence. Walkmen, TVs, Home Stereo and VHS/CD/DVD players would often all ne Sony branded in a number of households.

  • Feature Request: Please bring back original image zoom.

    I was once able to nearly infinitely zoom in on images after opening the post. Now I get a limited zoom which bounces back to a set zoom limit.