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How I Got a Truly Anonymous Signal Account
  • Privacy ≠ Anonymity

    Signal = Privacy

    Signal ≠ Anonymity

    Signal was made for privacy, not Anonymity.

    If you need anonymity, don't use signal. It was never designed for this. There are tools specially made for anonymity. Look at simplex.

  • Recommended containerized CardDAV/CalDAV solution?
  • Radicale is really cool, but it just wasn't for mee. Too barebones. No GUI, no sharing.

    Baikal was pretty nice.

    Though if you want sharing, Davis is probably the best. It's the same Server as Baikal but a different GUI.

  • Looking for a Calendar-Syncing Solution with support for subscribing to external Ical Calendars.

    Hey there. I am looking for a Calendar-Syncing-Solution that can:

    1. Sync CalDav Calendars between Phone, Laptop and Desktop

    2. share certain Calendars with other Users on my Server

    3. subscribe to external Ical Calendars and make them available to (certain) Users

    but nothing i looked at seems to support my Point Nr. 3. anyone know a good solution for me?