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My dog refuses to eat his kibble
  • Very welcome! I would say the speed is the probable culprit, but would monitor it just to make sure it isn't a dysbiosis or an allergy to the food.

    My friend's dog was allergic to chicken in its dogfood causing all kinds of skin and stomach issues.

  • It's true though
  • Yea. I have 3 little brothers. All of them are gen Z. Being so exposed to the same things they were, I often feel I have a lot more in common with gen Z emotionally, but somehow more financially with millennials.

  • My dog refuses to eat his kibble
  • Two things from my non-vet but dealt with a picky dog perspective.

    First, he could just have thrown up because he ate far too fast after having been essentially starving himself or only eating treats, so his body just kinda rejected it due to the amount or speed he ate.

    Second, barring the first, he may be otherwise sick in some non obvious way, anything from a tooth that the food chewing hurts to something more serious.

    Personally, I would see if he throws up again when feeding him a smaller portion or if he is one of those fast eating dogs that scarf it all down, perhaps one of the bowls that slows the feeding process.

    Some questions that may inform other comments with better responses:

    How old is your dog?

    I am assuming male based on your post. Fixed?

    Has he ever been sick with anything before?


    Any other symptoms you may have dismissed in your concern for his eating?

    I hope your little buddy feels better!

  • Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic
  • The most relevant bit.

    The military program started under former President Donald Trump and continued months into Joe Biden’s presidency, Reuters found – even after alarmed social media executives warned the new administration that the Pentagon had been trafficking in COVID misinformation. The Biden White House issued an edict in spring 2021 banning the anti-vax effort, which also disparaged vaccines produced by other rivals, and the Pentagon initiated an internal review, Reuters found.

  • Gizmo has handlebars.

    My mother's new cat is precious. Wouldn't leave the bed while she was making it.