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Qualcomm Aiming For Snapdragon X Elite GPU Support In Linux 6.11
  • Wine/Proton on Linux occasionally beats Windows on the same hardware in gaming, because there's inefficiencies in the original environment which isn't getting replicated unnecessarily.

    It's not quite the same with CPU instruction translation, but the main efficiency gain from ARM is being designed to idle everything it can idle while this hasn't been a design goal of x86 for ages. A substantial factor to efficiency is figuring out what you don't have to do, and ARM is better suited for that.

  • Qualcomm Aiming For Snapdragon X Elite GPU Support In Linux 6.11
  • It's not that uncommon in specialty hardware with CPU instructions extensions for a different architecture made available specifically for translation. Some stuff can be quite efficiently translated on a normal CPU of a different architecture, some stuff needs hardware acceleration. I think Microsoft has done this on some Surface devices.

  • AI's Most Ambitious Music Generators Accused of 'Massive' Infringement In New Lawsuit
  • The problem here is that we don't have real AI.

    We have fancier generative machine learning, and despite the claims it does not in fact generalize that well from most inputs and a lot of recurring samples end up actually embedded in the model and can thus be replicated (there's papers on this such as sample recovery attacks and more).

    They heavily embedd genre tropes and replicate existing bias and patterns much too strongly to truly claim nothing is being copied, the copying is more of a remix situation than accidental recreation.

    Elements of the originals is there, and many features can often be attributed to the original authors (especially since the models often learn to mimic the style of individual authors, which means it embedds information about features of copyrighted works from individual authors and how to replicate them)

    While it's not a 1:1 replication in most instances, it frequently gets close enough that a human doing it would be sued.

    This photographer lost in court for recreating the features of another work too closely

  • The heart we can't neglect indeed
  • Hesitation is weaker, if you don't know history of the instance but still want to record and issue. Censure is a stronger complaint, for example if the issues have been ongoing or you know the admin is misbehaving rather than just overworked or something like it

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • The irony is that Apple has UWB direction finding in phones but didn't put it in the AR headset where it would be infinitely more useful. They could even use UWB in controllers for motion tracking relative to the headset, and yet they just didn't.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • But they're not at all designed for use as shared devices, not even proper local multiuser support (any devs who want that has to craft it all by themselves from scratch), so collaborative work or simultaneous display and interaction doesn't work well with them. In fact it would be easier to just let a client see 3D stuff on an ipad with an AR app.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • I like that the viture has dimming, lens adjustment, an optional android based neckband device, and miracast is neat, etc.

    If all you want is a compact screen that's pretty good, and I'm considering getting one, but I want to see some more stuff like integration with your other devices. I see they have remote desktop stuff for gaming, etc, but I'm thinking a bit deeper integration like using a phone app to relay notifications like a HUD, and I want a bit more spatial awareness (might need to rely on stuff like radio beacons for that like UWB). The navigation also seems to rely on either your phone, buttons on the neckband, or a paired 3rd party controller (no official wireless controller), you could make it a bit easier with something that's maybe keychain sized?

    Imagine if the headset could piggyback on your phone's AR support + UWB direction finding to let your phone calculate where it is relative to the world, then relay it to the headset which calculate its offset to tell where IT is in the world, it would immediately make Google Maps Live View infinitely more immersive (and overlays don't need to be perfect, just need to not drift by too many degrees). It would probably be annoying to have to keep scanning with your phone to keep the map accurate though 🤷