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Bacon is overrated
  • OP has apparently never had Fletchers thick sliced pepper bacon that Costco sells. Bacon is the best meat, and I'll prove it. It's the meat you add to other meats to make them better. Filet mignon? Considered the best cut of beef. Wrap it in bacon? Even better. Scallops are among the best seafood meats. Wrap it in bacon? Absolutely delicious.

  • Former Navy Admiral charged with taking bribes while on the job
  • “Think about how many admirals and generals that have gone on to work for Raytheon or any of these other contracting companies they dealt with,” he told The Independent.

    The ol "Everyone else does it too" Defense. Let's see how that works out for him

  • Anyone else having trouble with redgifs failing to load?

    Starting today redgifs say "failed to load" and can't be viewed.


    Anyone else fund the comic on Kickstarter?

    Just hoping to get some discussion going in here. I wish I could have afforded one of the higher tiers, but I'll be happy to have the book itself and I'm glad I was part of making this happen

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals Nastybutler

    Nixie just casually crossing her legs like the dainty lady she is.


    189 out of 200

    This may be one of the only second series RC8Cs in the world that's not already sold. Anyone have $41k burning a hole in their pocket?