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Qualcomm spends millions on marketing as it is found better battery life, not AI features, is driving Copilot+ PC sales
  • I think he mean on these new, modern ARM laptop. None has actually work well so far. This newer Qualcomm chips are those that they themselves put the effort in. Rest were few far and between - garbage from Qualcomm and rest is from community.

  • Bitwarden has launched a new authenticator app
  • You can use Authenticator Pro (android, opensesource) and Proton Pass, both let you copy the TOTP generation code to paste into another without problem. Both generate exact code

    In fact that's how I am using them right now, with Authenticator Pro is my on-device, offline, encrypted backup offline backup TOTP for Pass.

    I guess it is not as straight forward as export import as you hope, but it's not as bad as other options used to be.

  • Increase your Linux Server Internet Speed with TCP BBR Congestion-Control
  • According to multiple debian based and ubuntu based and Arch I use. No. Not default. Cubic still is.

    My experience was that some days ago I was trying to make my UDP faster, but turned out found out about BBR - for TCP. Well, lucky me - currently some country away from home for family reason. Plex generally takes 40-80s to start a movie/episode for me. And measly about 10s max buffer available - and this is on a 3-5Mbps show.

    After BBR (note I have to apply on Proxmox host, my container are unprivileged and can't set this themselves), I got 8-30s max to start a show/movie. And now comfortably sit between some good minutes on buffer. 15-20Mbps quality now playable.

    To me personally it was black magic, and I was tossing it in just 2 days ago too

    Ask more if question

  • Microsoft is trying to convince Windows 10 users to upgrade with full-screen prompts
  • Beside we-know-which games that use a root-kit anti-cheat, which games you think doesn't work on Linux or work terribly or straight out not work on Linux on first-day?

    I don't play those and I don't own them on Steam. Out of 600+ games I own on Steam, everything literally run without me touch my terminal once.

    Unless you don't think proton is good, then you might be mistaken somewhere. It's straight magic

  • Linux continues to be above 4% on the desktop
  • Also wonder what the hell is your 2MB package that carry a need of 70 runtimes?

    Even stuff like Steam for me only pull in like mesa and stuff that are a lot. And barely happenes

    In fact. Last time I installed Arch (2 days ago) and I redo my flatpak. 10 apps, pull in 34 packages in total. Further apps only pull in themselves and maybe 1-2 packages with maximum because everything else are covered.


  • Proton Mail says that the new Outlook app for Windows is Microsoft's new data collection service - gHacks Tech News
  • As far as I know, tested, and using right now - rclone (through Round Sync) on Android support Proton drive. And it uses the same core as normal Linux rclone.

    So yes, there is a client - rclone. And believe me, my own Nextcloud and pronton drives are accessed through rclone. Most clients suck

  • GitHub disables XZ Repository
  • (/s but I guess kinda not) state-actor weapon compression library vs Meta/FB compression library. Zstd is newer, good compression and decompression, but new also means not as widely used.

    On the other hand, whether you trust a government more or less than Facebook/Meta is on your conscience.

  • Fanless Intel N100 stick PC bundles Windows 11, 16GB RAM and 256GB eMMC into a tiny form factor
  • The HX-whatevrG definitely will be much better in term of look and size.

    I would not go the eGPU way. Interested from the first time it was a thing, and still now, and still no buy. They are stupidly expensive, and tbh, a fucking eyesore. They are size of a normal SFF case, but now you lose all the benefit on performance. And the small one from GPD with a 6600M? Cost nearly the same as my HX90G, and even for oculink, it is still have less bandwidth than my HX90G.

  • What would you change about your favorite Linux distribution?
  • Just different but also just sane default configuration. But after install then it's just Arch - namely your AUR won't break, and if it breaks, it will break on normal Arch install as well.

    Anyway, I would say both are 99% there and are my favorite way of installing Arch