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Rose Thorne
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Project Clippy
  • Look, I've been where you are before. You jump from cult to cult, looting the bodies and altars once they kick it. It gives you a sense of purpose, and keeps a roof above your head without much effort.

    But do you know what's even better? Forming your own cult. Just find a forgotten ancient deity, make up some bullshit, people fall in line. Let 'em clean themselves up, move onto the next god and town.

  • Sobs!
  • I remind mine that the kibble in their bowl is part of why I don't have any money.

    So they can make a choice, get a job and start filling their own bowl, or let me go work to buy more food.

  • This is relatable
  • My father did that once with my little brother.

    Then, that same day, completely forgot to pick me up from school, and was legitimately surprised when I walked in that evening.

    Looking back, I genuinely don't blame the man. He had been working his ass off, was exhausted, had to do all the running around, and passed out when he finally could. Didn't hear his phone when I called, so I left a message and went off to a friend's house to play Bloody Roar for awhile.

  • man-portable anti-dragon spellcaster (MANPADS) rule
  • I prefer something that still packs a punch, but in a somewhat smaller form factor.

    That's why when I face down demons from the planes beyond, I give 'em some hellfire straight outta China Lake.

  • Y'all just using it wrong
  • "Notes from last campaign:

    The king died.

    He came back.

    He died again.

    He came back, and had a discussion with his first corpse.

    He died again.

    He came back, married the first corpse, claimed the second is an impostor, had himself tried for treason, and died again.

    He came back.

    We killed the king."

  • Heavy metal rule
  • "The hammers magic, and technically, he's not wrong on the potential of your lifespan in either direction.

    Do you really want to get into an argument on the finer points of this?"

  • Tomba! 2 coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2025
  • I know it's a longshot, but given the sudden remaster of Tomba, and now Tomba 2 following behind...

    Is someone prepping to actually do Tomba 3? It looks like the rights to the series went to Sony after Whoopee Camp closed down back in 2000, and what little work there was on the alpha of Tomba 3 was lost.

  • Have you ever owned a rare or unusual car?
  • Not really "rare", outside of it's niche, but definitely unusual!

    I owned a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, with an electromagnetic clutch. Instead of a clutch pedal, you pressed down on the stick and shifted it up/down, releasing once in position.

    Not many vehicles used that particular style of clutch, and that was one of the last years VW built a model with one, as far as I'm aware. Miss that little car.

    They might not be the fastest or prettiest, but old Volkswagens were reliable and stupid simple. Still hope to one day get my hands on an old Microbus and a Karmann Ghia.

  • Trump Melts Down Over ‘Trash’ Fox News Poll That Shows Biden Ahead
  • I am slightly terrified of that.

    They would be unchained. Like, already shitty following the douchenozzle(in my opinion), but that might make them go rabid, and the potential of a (worse) monster becoming the head.

  • [OC] There Was A House

    There once was a house,

    In which you were allowed to play.

    To rest,

    To lay,

    To love,

    You were forever welcomed within its halls.

    There was a house,

    And there were many locked doors,

    But you were okay,

    Helping the owner open them.

    There was a house,

    And behind one of those doors,

    Was found a rose,



    Under a glass dome.

    There was a house,

    And the owner wanted to renovate

    Not much to the outside,

    But the rooms they had found,

    They had so much more.

    There was a house,

    And when you came,

    It was with fear,

    For you did not see

    What the house wanted to be.

    You tried to not let it show,

    To buy materials to help

    To give advice where you could,

    But could not hide the quiet.

    There was a house,

    But you began going to others,

    And when you came,

    You told the house how lovely they were.

    You spoke of their wallpaper, their carpets, of how everything works so well.

    As you stood on everything new,

    Using the old words for me.

    There was a house,

    Now it is less

    A strewn mass of rubble,

    That you skip happily down.

    Running your hands down faded walls,

    You pay lip service,

    As you pass the rose,

    part of the centerpiece of what this house was to be.

    You never see the roots,

    As they climb down the table,

    Wrap around all around them,

    Pull everything tighter,


    You complain as you prick your finger,

    Dancing down the thorns,

    How dare this house hurt you?

    There was a house,

    And the echoes still ring down the halls,

    Of the name you call.

    Those echoes fill every room,

    Surround all that you claim to hold dear,

    Because you can’t see,

    That Rose is also here.

    There was a house,

    But there is a garden now.

    I wish you could see it,

    To call it beautiful,

    To lay among the flowers,

    To call their petals soft.

    There is a garden,

    But that does not mean the house has gone away.


    Found these three out in the wild

    Came across these three Bandai Quick model kits while out and about. They looked adorable, so they came home and got built.

    Honestly great for beginners/kids! Pieces pop out of the frame easily, they're fairly easy to click together, and decently solid for snap-togethers. You can at least pick them up without everything falling apart, though Mew is finicky about staying upright in its stand. Young kids would probably need help with the stickers, and maybe with getting the eye pieces slotted into place.

    Going to keep my eyes out for the rest of the line, now.


    Pin collection rule imgbox - fast, simple image host

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    imgbox - fast, simple image host

    My wife surprised me with the two-piece Mothman and the NB placard she found at an event as an early birthday present! She got me the trans heart last year.