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Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25
  • I'm not sure if there are better ways to do this but I think any effective protest has to cause some disruption otherwise it's too easily ignored.

    I'm sure most people agree governments could be doing a lot more to fight climate change, so the problem isn't the protestors, it's the government creating a situation where it becomes necessary. It shouldn't be too hard to understand why jailing these people is bad.

  • What is it like to attend a predatory conference?
  • I like them because so long as it's paid for by work it's just a paid vacation, you don't really need to attend anything, just go to some museums, use your allowance to get some food. Nobody asks questions.

  • huge new thought

    wat r we gowing 2 do if it umm turn owt tat plents haf feelings 2. owmg we got too start eet da amnimals agen )7:


    Could we get a nicer UI?


    I wouldn't know the first thing about implementing this myself but I'm a visual person and while I very much love using Thumbkey I would love a nicer UI to go with it. My examples might be a bit "googly" for some but are just meant as examples.


    Wheelchair users

    Hello, I just had an accessibility question for the wheelchair using folks. Is going on well maintained grass fine? Or is it a bit problematic?


    Canvas bags

    Been looking for a canvas bag and just wanted to share my frustration with bag makers feeling the need to slap a needless leather patch onto an otherwise vegan product. WHY?