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SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • I want to know what those pieces are. They look suspiciously like foot rests but it doesn't make sense based on a launch in February and the pieces falling into the farmer's field in April. I guess it's probably part of the second stage.

  • New Dad, Current Problems.
  • Yep, I recognize some of what you are experiencing. You now have a new dimension to your relationship that you have to adjust to. 7 weeks is very new and things will change rapidly over the first 18 months. Things will get better. Schedules change . Babies eventually sleep through the night, take longer naps, etc. It might sound hokey, but consider scheduling whatever you are missing (sex, cuddles, heart to hearts) so she knows what you are thinking about and what you need. This works for us and it leads to less hurt feelings if I say "feel like sex tonight?". Even if she says "not tonight" then I know and don't get my feelings hurt later when I get shot down trying to initiate with no warning.

    Is she pumping too or just only on the boob? If she's pumping then offer to bottle feed the midnight session so she can get some good unbroken rest. This was a game changer for us once we figured it out. Sleeping 5+ hours sleep is much different than getting woken up over and over.

  • Hard Drive Shucking
  • Start googling. Hardware or Software based? How techy are you? RAID should not be considered for backup. Think of it as an individual drive. Still needs a backup. Personally I use a ZFS pool in my Linux homelab that's been rock solid. However the pucker factor would be high if a drive fails.

    1. Depends on how you set them up. There are calculators online that can estimate this for you.

    2. I used NAS drives bc they're expected to be spinning a lot.

    3. No. You will see better performance on average compared to your slowest drive.

    4. I have no relevant experience with specific hardware. For a general base of knowledge figure out what RAID type you want to use. Look at what ZFS or btrfs can do in this space. Same for unraid.

  • Breakthrough battery charges in minutes and lasts thousands of cycles
  • Admittedly it's been awhile since I've raw dogged the Internet. I'm traveling without my usual pihole. How does anyone do without ad blockers? Reading that was like trying to read an article surrounded by times square billboards. "Support our journalism, turn off your add blocker". My ass

  • How do you maximize your device's battery life?
  • Get a chargie! ( I can't recommend this thing highly enough. It's a small Bluetooth device that sits between your phone and the charger. When your battery hits a set % it will shut off the power.

    I've used one since I got my pixel 7 pro. Accurately says the battery health is still 98% after 14 months.

  • Texas Threatens Doctors After Judge Says Woman Can Get Emergency Abortion
  • I agree that would be the most likely outcome in my fantasy scenario. However it brings to mind why are docs not helping these women when faced with jail or losing their license? If they're charged to do no harm how could they stay and practice in Texas knowing they may face a situation where they have to turn away a pregnant woman in crisis?

  • The Campaign To Keep Electric Bills High

    As voters in Maine decide whether to buy the state’s electric utilities, Democratic consultants rake in corporate cash while residents face shut-offs.

    The Campaign To Keep Electric Bills High

    Voters in Maine decide whether to buy the state's electric utilities.



    Taken with a pixel 7 pro on night sight mode