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A cool guide My girlfriend created a helpful infographic for her brother, who struggles with housekeeping.
  • I think the blankets thing might be separate from sheets? I never wash blankets unless something spills or a dog gets in the bed and leaves a mess. Why would I? There are always sheets between the blankets and my skin and I wash the sheets every two weeks.

  • Tom Henderson: Assassin's Creed Shadows pre-orders are looking very strong. I don't have the exact numbers yet, but no one in the know is disappointed with them.
  • Pre-orders need to fucking stop. And producers and developers should fucking stop using them as a metric. I’m just some fucking lay-man over here, but how many people pre-ordered* NMS? That fucking studio is still working their ass off to rebuild the relationship that they failed at to begin with. And they actually have a fucking heart.

    AC? GTA? And every other major developer? They’re fucking vampires sucking everything dry.

  • Jan. 6 Situation Room Officer Reveals Trump Fans ‘Came That Close’ To Murdering VP In Stunning New Interview
  • The only problem, though, would be that it would have permitted Trump to call in the army and implement martial law, suspending everything else until he put down the insurrection, his buddies, himself. Then? He’d never let go of the power and he would have absolutely controlled Congress through the certification.

    You know good and well that he’d clear his best insurrectionists, his proud boys, to work above the law and the army, and they’d personally be the guard detail for Congress when it finally could return to certify the election. Then? It’s whatever he and his goons want.

  • The Little Mermaid- Edvard Eriksen, bronze statue (1913)
  • I am saying, that while backpacking through Europe, to visit my sister for her wedding in Sweden, we went through a few of the other countries in the area, Denmark, Germany, etc, and one of which was the country of the author of the little mermaid, and we saw the statue. Idk how many other places have the damn statue, and idc. People and their weird internet argument kinks, I can’t even. It’s been 6 years, my memory is shit from all the drinking. I just wanted to tell people that it was somewhat underwhelming and the crowds didn’t help. But, that lobster roll was pretty on point, although expensive AF, and the seagulls were pretty intense there.

    Can a guy not get grilled for fucks sake?

  • The Little Mermaid- Edvard Eriksen, bronze statue (1913)
  • No, the real one. I went and saw it within the last 6 years. Its much smaller than you’d think seeing photos, and it’s in a little beach that’s usually packed with tourists.

    Edit: there was a little lobster roll place, idk what you’d call it or what its name was, on a pier nearby. They had signs saying if the seagulls stole your food they won’t replace it. Pretty good roll, honestly.

  • Are trailers revealing too much again nowadays?
  • I haven’t watched trailers for years, because of this. One cool one that got me was Passengers, I thought it was going to be a movie about trains. Nope, it was a decent movie at best but the surprise of it being a neat little scifi movie really blew my mind.

  • With 2024 presidential contest looming, Georgia governor signs new election changes into law
  • Gods, the absentee voter one 1 hour after voting ends?! When they know good and well that they’ll destabilize the US Post Office system immediately before the election? Yeah, that part there isn’t fishy at all.

    Edit: and what does that mean for overseas voters, especially servicemen? (I mean, especially any overseas voter, but republicans act like they back the military…)

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