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Why does Heliboard mark text as red in other languages?
  • The answer is here, you don't need to enable multilingual typing, you just need to add Heliboard as spell checker on your system Settings. Then, of course, choose the right language in Heliboard and have a dictionary for that language too

  • Google set to purge the Play Store of low-quality apps
  • That's why it's better to download as many apps as possible from F-Droid. All apps are Free Open Source and checked for anti-features (like ads, tracking, etc.). Lots of basic (and not so basic) apps which are ad free, tracker-free and free to advertise that way.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • I'm going to paste here the comment I wrote on another post about this same issue:

    Organic Maps and OsmAnd are not adding ads during navigation. Nor "promoted pins". Nor ads when browsing the map. Nor tracking your every move.

    Seriously, give them a try. And remember that, if the maps are lacking information, you are free (and encouraged) to improve them on OpenStreetMap.

  • Google Maps is not adding pop-up ads during navigation [U]
  • Organic Maps and OsmAnd are not adding ads during navigation either. Nor "promoted pins". Nor ads when browsing the map. Nor tracking your every move.

    Seriously, give them a try. And remember that, if the maps are lacking information, you are free (and encouraged) to improve them on OpenStreetMap.

  • The major Organic Maps June update
  • As other user said: Organic Maps uses data from OpenStreetMap, so the best thing is to go there and see how the roads in that town can be mapped better, if bike lanes are present, and if other characteristics of the roads that make them more/less attractive to bicycles are tagged.

    I understand this can seem daunting to someone who has never used OpenStreetMap, but I'd encourage you to at least add a note on the "death trap road" to let other, more experienced, users know about the issue and check the tagging of that and other roads.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Even @[email protected] gives it backlash despite being a moderator of Lemmy's biggest privacy community. A quote here: "grapheneOS trolls are downvoting every single post and comment of mine, and committing vote manipulation on Lemmy. They are using 5-6 accounts." That was in response to downvotes on a comment posted in the c/WorldNews community, which is entirely unrelated to technology.

    It seems to me that you might be confusing things: You say that people hate the OS but share a comment complaining about the community of users/fans, not about the OS.

    I have never used GrapheneOS and cannot comment on the OS, but I have seen some users in different communities commenting that GrapheneOS is the only valid alternative OS and discrediting any other OS. It becomes tiring pretty fast.

  • The new, rewritten Proton Mail Android app is now available to everyone!
  • I know about Obtainium, thanks, but I prefer to avoid having several different sources for apps. Besides, F-Droid builds apps from source and checks for anti-features, so it's a nice to have check that the app is not doing anything sketchy.

  • Name & shame. :)
  • It's removed from Elsevier's site, but still available on PubMed Central:

    The worse part is, if I recall correctly, articles are stored in PubMed Central if they received public funding (to ensure public access), which means that this rubbish was paid with public funds.

  • Heliboard autocorrect works?
  • Glad that it worked out in the end. It's a pity that different Android versions and custom ROMs have this setting in different places, I guess this is also making it impossible for the developer to put a direct link to this setting in Heliboard that would work for all users.

  • Heliboard autocorrect works?
  • Found the solution to this some days ago: you need to change your System Spell checker to Heliboard.

    Now the developer added it to the FAQ too:

    Spell checker is not checking all languages in multilingual typing: Make sure you actually enabled HeliBoard spell checker. Usually it can be found in System Settings -> System -> Languages -> Advanced -> Spell Checker, but this may depend on Android version.

  • Heliboard autocorrect works?
  • Hi sorry for the late reply. I'm not an expert here but I think I can help you with a couple of things:

    I installed HeliBoard_1.2-release.apk

    Then you're fine. That's the app intended for release. I assume you got the APK from the developers GitHub? I use F-Droid so there's only option available.

    It's giving me suggestions, but no corrections

    You could download that dictionary file that you linked, but I believe that is not necessary if your Android System language is set to English and you're typing in English too, it should be able to use the System internal dictionary. In my case I have 4 different languages configured in Heliboard and I downloaded dictionaries 3 of them, but I didn't need to download the one for my system language, it just uses the internal dictionary. For the other 3 languages: I downloaded their dictionary files, saved them in a safe location in my phone (I have a folder for apps Settings and backups, and I created a Heliboard subfolder where I keep my dictionaries and the glide typing library)

    Regarding my old issue with changing languages and having the spell check change at the same time: I fixed that by changing the Spell checker app in Android's System Settings. I found out about this reading a related GitHub issue and I suggested to the developer to add this information to the FAQs, which they quickly did (check the section "Spell checker is not checking all languages in multilingual typing"). You can also activate the Globe icon to Switch languages under Heliboard's Settings: "Preferences/Additional Keys/Language Switch keys", but I personally prefer being rid of it and just sliding on the spacebar

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • Also, is there any reason to switch to newpipe if ReVanced is serving me well?

    I guess for most people not, but there can be some:

    • privacy: NewPipe doesn't require you to log on to a Google account (but it so connects to Google servers if you watch YouTube videos). You can, however still follow channels (only locally, obviously)
    • ability to download videos or just audio. An extra is that on ReVanced you can have the download function through a 3rd party app, you can choose from several and NewPipe is one of them.
    • NewPipe can also play content from other sources, like Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

    A reason to not switch would be... the interface is not very ptetty