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Always CYA
  • Overthrow the tyrants that keep us in chains! Physically occupy residential property en masse and claim squatter's rights. Bring back crucifixion for white collar criminals on Wall Street. Raid the pharmaceutical industry's warehouses and distribute medication for free. In Minecraft, of course.

  • Boats can't bend steel beams!
  • All I know about bridges is how to sell them, and I have one right now I can guarantee was built by an entirely white construction team. I examined their skull shapes myself. I'll just need about $80 million, and it's all yours, Elon.

  • World’s top fossil-fuel bosses deride efforts to move away from oil and gas
  • "The problem isn't we, the Job Creators; it's you, the people. We have too many people consuming too much energy. The best strategy is to maximize our greenhouse gas emissions over the next couple decades to make the Earth uninhabitable for 99% of all human life. Once you're all dead, and we're safely in our island fortress bunkers with our slaves, the Earth can finally begin to heal."

  • What the Ukraine War, Taiwan, and Gaza Have in Common
  • In varying degrees, the United States has been inattentive to or dismissive of the perspectives of Russia, China, and the Palestinians. A lack of strategic empathy has thus constrained Washington’s ability to recognize or at least acknowledge the extent to which Putin’s decision to wage war in Ukraine, Xi’s coercive behavior toward Taiwan, and Hamas’s decision to strike violently at Israel were motivated—at least in part—by what they perceived as U.S. disregard for their security concerns, or neglect of prior U.S. commitments to address those concerns.

    “Literally everything that happens on the world stage is the fault of America.”

    Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting each other since the Hebrews and the Philistines. David and Goliath 3,000 years ago. We’re trying, but this shit is complicated, and the current leader of Israel is a bloodthirsty madman.

    Taiwan is the last outpost of the pre-communist Chinese government. They also make half of the world’s computer chips(IIRC). We play the face-saving game with China in recognition, but real interests of the entire western world require protection of Taiwan.

    Russia invaded Ukraine and has been committing warcrimes the entire time. Really bad ones. How this one is up for debate again is beyond me.

  • China condemns US veto of call for immediate ceasefire at UN
  • Hoping this is part of a larger diplomatic strategy to secure a ceasefire. If Israel actually attacks Rafah, the civilian death toll will be catastrophic, and it will turn allies into enemies.

    This is the line that must not be crossed. The civilians retreated to this last point. Attacking it is genocide.

  • doorbells have rules
  • “Trying to say ‘hello’ to me is a reason to shoot children.”

    Maybe remove yourself from human civilization. You’ve turned yourself into an animal. Go be among the animals.

  • You ain't stabbing anyone with this shit
  • Did they even try using poop from an Ivermectin user? My roommate's uncle's fourth cousin made a poop knife out of his Ivermectin shits and killed 3 census workers with it. This is why no one trusts Big Science.

  • Cisco to lay off more than 4,000 employees to focus on artificial intelligence
  • "Our company is invested in the dynamic strategy of using people to solve problems. Person Intelligence or PI, as we call it. We know our strategy is out of favor now, but given that it has worked consistently throughout all of human history, we are hopeful for the future."

  • Why are they like this
  • Story time: I went to an Iraq War protest back in the day. Some people wandered out of the protest zone and (to be completely fair, I didn't see what started the altercation) got their asses beat by the cops. One brave kid stood out from the crowd and said, "Come on, guys! We have to help them!" We all looked at each other and were like, "Uh... no." The brave lad then charged in and promptly got his ass beat by the cops. The war still happened.