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The Heat🔥 NATO Expansion To The East⚡️ Russia Responds With Hypersonic. Military Summary 2024.07.10
  • Imagine you're Russia and your very best newest world shattering hypersonic missile just got shot down by a 30 year old American system.

    Now your leader is on his knees suckin North Korean dick to get their surplus ammo.

    What a joke of a country.

    And fuck whoever thinks shilling their youtube propaganda is a good idea.

  • Protect the Earth, Block Oil and the Banks that fund it
  • Wtf are you on about? You went off the rails there kiddo, talk about making your desired political discussion totally unapproachable.

    Im talking about the protestors that dumped paint on stonehenge this week, an ancient, priceless piece of cultural heritage.

  • Political Memes MyPornViewingAccount

    Its best to mend our differences

    Political Memes MyPornViewingAccount

    Tread harder

    Political Memes MyPornViewingAccount

    Stop cancel culture!