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Carbon based. Not overly precocious.

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Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • I was able to circumvent all of this on my Windows 10 machine, by installing Linux Mint.

    I didn't even have to throw out my PC for not being good enough for Windows 11.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse's family plead for money as they face eviction
  • No problem. Just pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.

  • EVs Are Selling Well For Everyone Except Tesla
  • I would never buy a Tesla while they have such an erratic, irresponsible CEO.

  • Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • That is the exact explanation. There is a direct correlation between Elon Musk's executive decisions, and the destruction of Twitter's profit margins.

    Whether Elon falls upwards or not is independent from the fact that Twitter is swirling down the drain.

  • BBC News - Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil
  • Because defacing an ancient site has a clear connection to the environment... bunch of fucking self-centered attention-whores.

    Just Stop Oil said the orange powder paint was cornflour and it would "wash away with rain".

    I wonder how many of your strong opinions are based on things that you don't even bother to investigate beyond your first impression.

  • Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • This is relatively easy to explain. Elon Musk is a fucking idiot.

  • They're the same picture
  • I was mocking your whataboutism. Were you dropped onmyour head a lot as a kid or something?

  • We can't even talk in this community dedicated to vegans without someone coming along and meatsplaining.
  • Vegans do have the moral high ground simply by not murdering animals for food.

    There is absolutely no reason to take your feelings of persecution seriously, if you're locked in on the idea that you're morally superior to anyone who isn't a vegan. Identical vibes to an Evangelical Christian that ends arguements that go nowhere with I'll pray for you.

    Your attitude expressed here is the exact reason for that which you complain about.

  • They're the same picture
  • But what about whataboutism?