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The Future of Sportsball
  • What's with the random period in the middle of a sentence and then none at the end? Wouldn't be surprised at all if it was done on purpose. People that do shit like deserve to get kicked in the face.

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • Because for many (including me) it's by far the best one. I get a system-wide adblocker and vpn on my phone and computer with really good apps. Nothing else has been both so good and easy so I'm more than happy to pay for it, it's also only $30 per year. I really like their telegram group too, they post news and articles both from them and others about anything related to privacy and so on. They recently wrote about Microsofts addition of ads in Windows and released an update that disabled those.

  • Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • Seriously? He was masturbating to gay porn, did they hack his brain too? And why would the so called hacker just put gay porn on? You easily could do so much worse (for him, nothing wrong with gay porn), and also steal and leak any info on the computer.

    Do you not realise you're making stuff up in a try to defend a nazi? Get fucked, you're a dumb and shitty person.

  • NSFW
    Anna Maligoshika
  • Really? Never heard about her before this and it took like 10 seconds to find all her onlyfans stuff (without paying etc). It's literally just searching "name OF leak" and check the results. I don't understand how anyone would fail at this, it's so obvious and simple even a tech-illiterate grandma should have no problem figuring it out.

  • Laughing online across the world
  • What does "asg" mean, that's on Sweden? I'm a swede and never seen that.

    Edit: I looked it up and didn't find anything at first but did after a couple of different searches. Apparently it's an abbreviation of "asgarvar" (basically just means laughing your ass off). But neither the word or the abbreviation is common at all. We use "haha" or "lol".
    This just makes me believe more of the map is not correct.

  • Swedish is a beautiful language
  • The word for marriage and poison is the same: "gift" (pronounced with a short j sound, like "jet")

    The word for strawberries is "jordgubbar", which directly translates to "dirt old men". "Jord" means dirt or the earth, and "gubbar" means old men.

    Cockroach is "kackerlacka" which directly translates to "poop varnish" or "poop leak" ("kacka" is an old word for poop that's not used much anymore other than for this word, and "lacka" has several definitions).

    The word for a kiss is "puss", and the word "Kiss" means pee. Some other words that sound weird/wrong and their definition:

    Kock, means a chef.
    Fart, means speed.
    Prick, means dot.
    Bra, means good.
    Sex, means both sex and six.

    And some weird and funny commonly used expressions:

    "Glida in på en räkmacka" - To slide in on a shrimp sandwich. Is said when you're lucky or things are going well.

    "Smaken är som baken: delad" - Taste is like the bum: split. Just means we all have different tastes in things and that's okay.

    "Nu ska det bli andra bullar" - Now there will be other buns (buns like in cinnamon buns). Basically means that from now on there will be new, more strict rules and routines.

    I could list many more but gotta head to bed. I can add more tomorrow if you want!

  • Dedicated button
  • "but it definitely is on PlayStation and Xbox."

    Well done, you went full dumbass. Why say that? Did you actually think that PlayStation and Xbox has a "post to twitter" specific button? That makes no sense.

  • Euro bottles are so much better now
  • I seriously don't understand how people have problems with these, they're absolutely fine. Not hard to use, doesn't get in the way and you'll never lose them. And if all else fails you can just pull them off, not hard either. You gotta be dumb as fuck to have problems with them.

    As with anything else, I'm absolutely certain this is the classic "something changed so I'm going to be mad about it and make up a bunch of reasons why it's bad" thing that happens to every little change anywhere. And what is some tiny inconvenience compared to lessening plastic waste, helping the environment and hurting less living beings? Stop being such spoiled little shits and pull your heads out of your asses.

  • a2b4s0t5r1a1c-t
  • You can eat anything, some things only once though (because you die after/during). What you're trying to ask is if it's edible, which doesn't make sense either since it's an AI image.

    So nothing about your comment makes any sense, kinda like the image.

  • The Acolyte | 'Conflict' trailer
  • It just looks bad. I've really liked all other Disney Star Wars shows so far (except the animated ones, just can't get into them). This looks like some action movie matrix thing (not just because of Carrie-Anne Moss) with Star Wars plastered onto it, and I really dislike the character designs from the little we've seen.

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