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Portable convenience [The Square Comics]
  • what usually gets lost on people is how Mac tended to have had things first, like everything has Bluetooth now, but Mac OSX had it long before Windoze did

    That's just not true - in fact, Apple is well-known for repeatedly releasing 'new' products/features that already existed elsewhere, but acting like they invented it. That goes all the way back to the original Macintosh.

    Or, to use your example, everything I can find says MacOS added Bluetooth support in 2004, while Windows XP was patched to support Bluetooth in 2002.

    MacOS is good software, but let's not pretend Apple hasn't built their entire empire based on pinching other people's ideas and marketing them better.

  • Video Game Execs Are Ruining Video Games
  • Can you imagine if Rembrandt had an executive committee behind him dictating what to paint a picture of

    I get what you're saying, but you realise all the great renaissance painters worked on commission, right? So yes that's exactly what happened.

  • Microsoft says it needs games like Hi-Fi Rush the day after killing its studio
  • I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I don't see even a single mention of cloud gaming in the article?

    This is about studio closures and a disconnect between MS's actions and the types of games they say they want.

  • Kerbal Space Program 2 studio reportedly shut down by Take-Two
  • Wow - Take Two shuttering this studio AND Roll7 (OlliOlli, Rollerdrome) just a month after they announced they're buying Gearbox for almost half a billion. Absolutely catastrophic mismanagement. What a shitshow.

  • What are some mainstream game series where you really do need to start from the first game?
  • Jumping into the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series from a random point would be incredibly confusing because of the storyline.

    There are actually 3 good entry points (Yakuza 0, Yakuza 1/Kiwami, or Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon) but couldn't recommend starting outside one of that set.

  • External link icon not visible against dark thumbnails

    There's a little globe icon added in the bottom-right corner of external links, so you know that tapping the thumbnail will open a link rather than an image preview, but in its current form it's hard to see against darker thumbnails.

    The posts I've highlighted with arrows in the image are both links, but it's almost impossible to tell.


    (Free) Game of the Month for July: Magic & Legend Evercade Game of the Month 2023 #4: Magic and Legend - Time Knights - Evercade

    Magic and Legend: Time Knights is the latest Game of the Month for Evercade VS and EXP, offering a time-travelling platform adventure!

    Haven't tried it yet, but looks like a nice GBC platformer with a character-switch mechanic!